Candidates out in full force with just over a month left in race for governor

With just over 30 days left from the November general election, the candidates for governor are battling it out across Georgia.

Polls show that the Republican incumbent Brian Kemp has a lead over Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams, but issues such as abortion have tightened up the race, while new revelations involving the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate threaten to make things tighter still.

Channel 2′s Richard Elliot caught up with Kemp as he walked into the studios of WSB Radio Wednesday morning to appear live on Scott Slade’s morning show where he answered questions on a variety of topics from health care to the economy.

“We’re burning the candle at both ends but it’s going great,” Kemp said about his campaign.


Abrams appeared at the Kiss 104.1 and Black Radio United for the Vote forum at Clark Atlanta University Tuesday night, where she addressed the crowd on a variety of issues, along with Kemp.

“I believe that we cannot take a single vote for granted in the state of Georgia,” Abrams said.

Abortion remains a top issue among Democratic voters and the recent published reports that GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker paid for his then-girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009 could reenergize her Democratic base.

In a statement Wednesday, the Abrams campaign called the report on Walker “shocking hypocrisy,” and redirected it at her opponent.

“The truth is under Brian Kemp’s anti-choice agenda, the choice at hand on this issue would not even be possible.”

Kemp remains steadfast on the issue.

When asked about the allegations against Walker, Kemp insisted he’s running his own campaign and can’t think about anyone else’s.