Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith full highlights

Dec. 19, 2020 — Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Video Transcript


- Let's go to the tale of the tape. Both fighters are in their prime, 30 years of age. They come in a 5' 9', that's generous for Canelo Alvarez. Callum Smith, 6' 3". Again, that is up a 7 or a 6 inch or an 8 inch height advantage, and it is a 7 and 1/2 inch reach advantage. So they're both 168. They will look vastly different in the ring here tonight.

- Feeling-out process now in round one. Canelo was accepting this pace Sergey Kovalev in his last fight, it'll be interesting to see if he's accepting of that pace in this fight. Body shot there by Callum Smith off the combination, and I would think, Sergio, Callum Smith needs to build confidence in this fight, right? In this round, even just landing a shot. OK, this guy's a superstar. I was just able to touch it.

- He already touched him twice to the body, I think he's already getting confidence with that. Canelo is inching his way in. He's real calm. He wants to take his time. Callum knows that, and that's why he's not committing to that long, strong jab that he has. But he is committing to those body shots.

- Jab snaps back the head of Callum Smith, and Canelo goes to work with the hook. The right hand was blocked. Let's see if they engage.

- Smith for having such a reach has a beautiful short right hand. That was a good jab by Callum Smith. He was able to land there. Final minute of round number two.

Most of that first round according to copy box fought at distance nearly the entire round, and you would figure that would favor the 6' 3" fighter in the ring and not the 5' 8" fighter.

Two jabs both land from Canelo as he starts to get his range and close in. Able to step out, make Smith miss with the left and the right. Good defensive work by Canelo Alvarez. He has excellent head movement. Jab again in the right hand from Canelo Sergio, he's closing the gap now.

- He's been closing the gap, and he's doing it quietly, Canelo is. Look at his feet. They're basically stepping on each other right now. This is where Canelo could explode.


- Hard right hand there. Callum Smith just landed an uppercut. That was a nice shot, but Canelo comes back, and he is throwing much harder. Right now gets Callum Smith up on the ropes. Lands a right hand.

- I tell you, that was beautiful head movement by Canelo Alvarez and a hard hook. You saw Callum Smith land an uppercut. He tries the uppercut again, and he tried to land then more shots, and Canelo just got out of the way. And Smith was just punching the air. You see the scorecard right there from Chris Mannix. Last three rounds going to Canelo, and you could have it all Canelo. So far, first round was close.

Good right hand by Canelo. He goes back to the body with a combination. 90% of the fight at distance in the first two rounds, and now 32% of the fight in close range. Canelo is moving forward, and he's landing, and he's making Callum Smith miss.

You wonder if Callum Smith has the pop to drive Canelo back and do some damage. Sergio, it doesn't look like he's got that through six rounds.

- No, he definitely has the pop. He can't push Canelo back. This entire fight, we only see Canelo coming forward. Callum Smith hasn't imposed his size or his will coming forward. Right now it's all Canelo coming forward. Look at at [INAUDIBLE] off the ring. No respect for Callum Smith.

- Also, Sergio, nice uppercut there by Callum Smith. He tries with a hook. Good quick combination by Callum Smith with the jab straight up the middle. Even when he blocked that right hand. There's a good uppercut from Canelo. It drove him back. Smith fights back off the ropes.

- He was able to drop George Groves with a counter right hand. He was able to drop in with a catch encounter, left hook. Both hands are dangerous. But he's not letting them go.

- Canelo has landed 50 power shots, 27 of them to the body. So you knew with the physical match up, 6' 3" and 5' 8", He was going to go tot he body. That was a body shot, that he stopped Liam Smith, so of course he's going to the body and effectively. That shot's blocked, but that right hand wasn't.

- We've seen this with Kovalev. He didn't throw enough punches. We've see this with Jacobs. He didn't throw enough punches. Golovkin.

- Lead uppercut by Canelo, and then the right hand. Sergio, Canelo just provides such a tight package coming at you, and then when you throw the shot, if he's able to move or counter, It's just so difficult to beat him.

- Counter punching. It really doesn't let you do anything. Even Chavez, Jr. Do you remember that? White wash. He just stood against the ropes. Fast hands make you want to not punch.

- Good combination there by Callum Smith. He gets a little more active, throwing his hands, power punches so far. Nearly 2-1 for Canelo.

- [INAUDIBLE] percentage. 60% of counterpunches landed compared to [INAUDIBLE].

- Just with that right hand. Doubling up on the right hand as well. Canelo looks comfortable. He is walking in. He is stalking and looks to walk down Callum Smith.

Good right hand there by Smith. Canelo gets a little lazy walking in, he gets hit. And a right, look. He's just not showing respect for that. He's taking shots and saying, naw. I'm going to keep walking in.

- He [INAUDIBLE] with that right hand. Canelo did.

- Cutting right hand. Those shots blocked, but they're popping on each other, laying the wood to each other. And if they both do that, I think we know who's going to win that battle. Uppercut from Canelo. Brings the head up on Smith.

- Canelo fighting with no fear.

- Smith is very game. Eats a jab.

Round nine scheduled for the championship 12. It has been mostly Canelo Alvarez as he fires off and lands a right hand, and then a jab. Back, so Smith fighting back in that last round. Canelo gets under the hook, and goes to work. Uppercut landed as he moves in, and some blood now coming from the nose of Callum Smith.

That was a hard body shot with the right hand. Chris Mannix giving two rounds so far to Callum Smith.

- A lot of excellent fighters do that. Chavez used to do that. I remember Antonio Margarito used to do that. Just roll with the punches. It looks like it lands, but when you see it in slow motion, it's rolling with the power.

- Smith is getting beat up. He cannot stand there and take those shots. Blood now pouring from his nose. He weighs in. He's giving it everything he has. Now back up against the ropes toward the corner. Dangerous territory for Smith.

Hard right hand. Smith is hurt. Buckled on the ropes. That the ropes kept him up, but he's able to move off and gain his footing. One of the hardest shots of the night. He fights back and fires with his own combination. Champion fighting back with everything he has.

Oh, the uppercut there, and that was a faint with a jab, uppercut, Sergio. And it strafed the front of his face.

Callum Smith, the champion of the world is getting busted up. Uppercut in the right hand. Fires back a hook trying to get respect. Final 30 seconds of the ninth round. Look at Smith go to work and try to drive the middleweight champion back. But you see just a little bit of give on Callum Smith. Right hand, he's hurt. Smith is hurt. Uppercut land that body shot hurt Smith quite a bit. Canelo has 20 seconds.

Looking for just the right shot that could possibly end this fight.

Hard right hand. Callum Smith is getting beaten down, but he hasn't stopped firing back. That was a very rough round for the super middleweight champion.

- Well, I think it's because he has the legs, he has the freshness. We've seen him do a little dance like three rounds ago. I've never seen Canelo dance either. He's feeling light on his feet, and he's definitely punching heavy.

- Smith was hurt by that shot to the body to the side, and then the uppercut straight up the middle and the jab as well. Canelo just walking comfortably to Callum Smith, and a hard body shot.

Canelo coming forward yet again, blood pouring from the nose of Callum Smith. Final 15 seconds of this 10th round. Hard right hand by Alvarez and a body shot as well. Smith drops his hands low for a moment to suck in some air.


Snapping off the jab, and he's landing over 50% of his shots as well. He's accurate, not wasting shots, moving his head. The total package. It's not that Smith isn't trying. He's trying everything he can, but this is a different animal. Right hand. That hurt Smith.

- That got Smith [INAUDIBLE] That buckled his knees.

- Another right hand after the hook. Smith fights back.

And in the corner with Canelo Alvarez, how about a perfect round? Sure! [LAUGHS] That would be terrific. Twelfth and final round, super middleweight championship of the world, Canelo Alvarez comes out firing. He has looked superb and punishing here tonight.

- And Canelo has bullied Smith the entire fight. He will try to go for the knockout. He will try to close the show.

- Canelo's going for it here. You can see hard right hand try there by Smith. Canelo answered with a right hand.

- Approaching the final minute of the twelfth round, and now Callum Smith will try to tie up Canelo. Trying to buy a little time. And met with boos here in San Antonio.

- Because Smith is looking up at the clock. He wants this to end already, and that's why the fans are looking at that.

- You can't blame him. Hard, thudding right hand again, and a body shot from Canelo trying to close the show. Can he finish with a knockout? I don't think there's much question if any question on the score cards. I mean, there can't be. But Callum Smith trying to end this fight on his feet.


Canelo Alvarez with the look of a 3-division world champion.

154, 160, and he should be the super middleweight champion of the world. We have a quick decision. Let's go to the ring and David Diamante.

DAVID DIAMANTE: Ladies and gentlemen, after 12 rounds of action here in San Antonio, we go to the judges' scorecards. Steve Wisefeld and Rafael Ramos both scored about 119-109. Steve Morrow scored this contest 117-111. All three for your winner by unanimous decision, el orgullo de todo Mexicano, the pride of all Mexico, and the WBA, WBC, and "Ring" magazine, Super Middleweight Champion of the World, Salud Canelo Alvarez!