Canelo on Saunders: “It’s become personal”

In an exclusive interview with the DAZN Boxing Show, Canelo Alvarez discusses his upcoming fight against Billy Joe Saunders and the controversy around the ring size that threatened to cancel the fight.

Video Transcript

- Obviously, there's a lot of controversy with the whole ring, but it looks like on social media everything is situated. So I just want to clear it up for the fans. Is everything OK with the ring and all the other issues outside the ring? We having a fight Saturday night, correct?


- Is he telling the truth though that the ring was supposed to be 24 inches-- I mean, 24 feet and not 20? Is that even the case?


- So, Canelo, have you seen Tyson Fury going on social media saying that Billy Joe is going to give you a boxing lesson?

TYSON FURY: Absolutely 100% confident I'm going to smash this [MUTED]. 100%.

- Do you see it going knockout?

TYSON FURY: Yeah. 100%. I think he's going to give him a boxing lesson and smash him, stop him about round 11 or 12. Really confident, honestly. Never been this confident about anything in my life.

Billy's going to hit him with a job, meet him straight with a job right in the mouth. Get him every time. Ping, ping, ping. You're going to see something really special.


- You're a professional, right? I never see you get upset too often. Maybe the one time with Jacobs, triple G a little bit, but does this make you more upset and want to hurt Billy Joe even more? Like, do you take it a little personal, or, like, do you want to hurt him even more because of--