Cannon Beach bans electric scooter rentals

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Aug. 3—CANNON BEACH — Businesses that rent electric scooters and other motorized vehicles will not be allowed to operate in the city following an ordinance adopted by the City Council on Tuesday night.

The new rule is an effort to get ahead of electric scooter rental companies that have expressed interest in expanding into the city. The ban was recommended while drafting the city's transportation system plan, which is expected to come before the council in the coming months.

The ordinance prohibits the rental of "emerging mobility devices," which includes motorized scooters, skateboards, mopeds and monowheels. People would still be allowed to ride personal motorized vehicles.

Jeff Adams, the city's community development director, said that after the City Council requested staff to investigate hotel rental packaging with emerging mobility devices, he did not find any.

He said he included language that clarifies they would not be allowed.

"And that way we do have some language, which is good, if somebody's including those, and we don't want to see those as included as part of a rental packaging deal, we could enforce that," Adams said.

Electric scooter companies have been rejected by other cities in the region, as well.

The Astoria City Council unanimously turned down electric scooter company Bird on a possible pilot program last year. The city does not allow electric scooters on the Astoria Riverwalk or on sidewalks.

The Long Beach City Council in Washington state also rejected a trial offer from Bird in April.