Capacity Expands At Yankee Stadium For Fully Vaccinated Fans

Several stadiums and arenas in our area expand their capacities for fully vaccinated fans this weekend. It all starts with the Yankees on Friday night; CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.

Video Transcript

- A big weekend of sports in the road to reopening in the city as several of our stadiums and arenas expand their capacities for fully vaccinated fans.

- And it all starts tonight with the Yankees. CBS 2's Andrea Grymes live in the Bronx for us tonight. Andrea.

ANDREA GRYMES: Kristine and Maurice, the gates here open in about a half an hour when the Yankees take on the White Sox. Vaccinated sections are all over the stadium. Governor Cuomo and many fans say it's an encouraging sign of how far we've come.

JOE LULIANO: It's freedom. Feels good.

ANDREA GRYMES: Yankee fans Joe Luliano and Gianna Pollara are psyched to be back at Yankee Stadium for the first time in two years. Their trip to the Bronx comes as the Yankees unveil fully vaccinated seating sections at full capacity-- no more social distancing. Fans must show proof of vaccination.

JOE LULIANO: More and more and more people are getting vaccinated. So they should be treated as normal.

ANDREA GRYMES: It's not just baseball. Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced the Knicks and the Nets will also have fully vaccinated, full capacity fan sections for playoff games. The Nets are up first tomorrow night.

JAMES HARDEN: It's gonna be a lot more fans, a lot more exciting, a lot more noise, and hopefully, a home court advantage. So I'm excited. I know the fans are. I know the organization is. And I can't wait to get going.

ANDREA GRYMES: The Knicks announced their first two home games, starting Sunday at the Garden, are already sold out with nearly 90% of ticket holders fully vaxxed. The team is expecting 15,000 fans at each game, the largest indoor gatherings in New York state since the start of the pandemic.

JULIUS RANDLE: Be fun, just the energy, all of that. So we went from no fans to a certain amounts to even bigger amount now. And I think it's perfect timing.

ANDREA GRYMES: And back here at Yankee Stadium, maybe sacrilegious to talk about the Mets, but they also start with their 21 fully vaccinated sections on Monday. And let's not forget the Islanders. They continue their playoff run at Nassau Coliseum this weekend as well, also with fully vaccinated sections. So much going on in sports. Hope you got that all. We're live at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Andrea Grymes, CBS 2 News.

- So good to hear no matter who you're a fan of, Andrea. Thanks so much.