Cape Town cafe offers ice cream in African flavors

STORY: Tapiwa Guzha is now offering African flavored ice cream in his cafe in Cape Town.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, the 36-year-old chef wants to educate locals and visitors on flavors from the continent and correct the narrative that things made in Africa are second rate or are not as tasty.

"I started to address that problem I was seeing in the world where we as Africans don't value ourselves and consequently, we don't get to enjoy our own foods as much as we should be."

Located in the bohemian suburb of Observatory, the Tapi Tapi cafe offers ice cream flavor combinations of indigenously sourced food like pumpkin, popped maize, peanuts, sweet potato, clay

and samp - a mushy dish made of dried corn kernels.

Every flavor he makes has a story behind it.

"Today, we've made a few different flavors. The first one is pumpkin and peanut butter, and this is inspired by a dish called Nhopi from Zimbabwe, and it's exactly that, it's pumpkin pureed together with peanut butter, and then I've also done rooibos and sweet potato jam, and the -- it's quite common in Zimbabwe as well to eat tea with sweet potatoes instead of bread, for just a difference in flavour, and then I've also done clay. We've used clays from the continent a lot, and this is a clay from Zimbabwe. It gives you a nice earthy, caramelly, fudgy kind of texture and flavour."

Guzha says people often bring him ingredients from other parts of the continent, who get a free tub of ice cream in return.

Customers like Clive Sibanda said they found the flavors surprising and heart-warming.

“Growing up we knew that ice cream can be vanilla, something that is just, not from here. Now, if you eat something like samp, something that, you know, you grew up eating, at the same time, you know, it's, it just makes you connect - it connects you with your childhood."