Cape Town to get R1bn ‘Halaal Park’

Mara Ispas

The Western Cape government together with the Western Cape Fine Foods Initiative are working together to develop a R1 billion Halaal agri-processing food park near the Cape Town International Airport.

The park will be home to a number of manufacturing and service firms in the Halaal industry.

“The global Halaal market is worth $2.3 trillion. The proposed Halaal park will allow the Western Cape to double our share of that fast-growing market,” said Alan Winde, the provincial minister of Economic Opportunities, in a statement.

But, the park will focus mainly on exports to the Middle East and North Africa where 20% of the world’s Muslims are located.

“We seek to increase the value of Halaal exports by $31 billion by 2020‚” Winde said in a statement, adding some 5000 jobs would be created over the next five years.

Meanwhile, CEO of Western Cape Food Initative Nazeem Sterras said parks such as the one above are key to economic growth and access to markets.

The park‚ if approved‚ could be launched in the next two years.

“It is not just because of the religious or Sharia compliancy but because people are starting to realise that Halaal certified products already provides all the set standards that every human being needs to consider when they consume or use products‚” The Times quoted him as saying.

“Halaal certification actually provides all these standards already‚ as part of what we call a lifestyle value proposition. It ticks all the boxes that people want in a good quality product.”

Sterras said they focused on the Middle East and North Africa because of their proximity and the recent trade agreements signed with Africa.

The proposal will be submitted to Cabinet next month, and if approved, will be completed in the next two years.

Image source: Thomas Wanhoff/ Flickr