Capital murder suspect in 6-year-old's killing makes court appearance

Raymeon Means appeared before a judge overnight. He's accused of killing Laurionne Walker after an argument over spilled water.

Video Transcript

- Well, the man accused of shooting and killing a six-year-old girl after an argument about spilled water appeared in court for the first time overnight.

- Yeah, a lot of people talking about this story. ABC 13 reporter Mycah Hatfield, she is live at the Harris County Jail on this story this morning. Mycah, what can you tell us?

MYCAH HATFIELD: Hey, good morning, Stephen and Courtney. A judge denied bond for Raymeon Means, who was charged with capital murder of a child under 10 years old. She said she would leave the decision ultimately up to the trial court judge to determine if he should be eligible for release. Means is accused of killing six-year-old Laurionne Walker on Friday in Pasadena.

Her mother tells ABC 13 that she left the child with a relative for the afternoon on Friday. 35-year-old Means, originally from Haiti, is apparently related to the person who rents the apartment where the crime happened. Pasadena police say he shot the child multiple times after an argument over spilled water. Means was vocal in court overnight and said he did not want a court-appointed attorney. At one point, he started discussing the case, and the public defender who was present told him to stop.

- All right, Mr Means, do you want [? Ms. ?] [? Almahi ?] to speak on your behalf right now?

RAYMEON MEANS: [INAUDIBLE] something I'm gonna say that I did or--

- OK, wait, wait, wait.

- Sir, please do not speak anymore.

- Yeah, Mister--

MYCAH HATFIELD: And he was walked out of court at the end of his appearance. The judge made the bailiffs remove him. As if this story could not get any worse, the six-year-old killed in Pasadena on Friday is cousins with the three young children who lost their lives this past Sunday in a crash in Spring. Laurionne's mother and the three children's father are siblings. She says she left Laurionne with a relative Friday so she could attend a vigil for her brother's children and wife.

- It's a tragic moment. First it's my family-- well, my kids and my wife-- and now it's my niece. Like, I don't understand it. Like, I don't-- this is very stressful and sad. So I don't know what to do. I don't know what-- I don't really know what to say.

MYCAH HATFIELD: A horrible situation for this family. Unimaginable loss that they're experiencing in just less than one week's time. Means is due back in court tomorrow morning, and that's when a trial court judge will determine if he should be eligible to receive bail.