Capitol Officer Lies in Honor: "A Martyr for Our Democracy"

He's only the fourth Capitol Police officer to receive this honor.

Video Transcript

BARRY BLACK: We thank you in the midst of our grief for the courageous life and legacy of officer William Evans.

ALEX MILLER: Honoring a life cut short in a senseless tragedy, Capitol police officer William Billy Evans lying in honor at the Capitol rotunda Tuesday, less than two weeks after a driver hit and killed him as he guarded an entrance to the Capitol.

JOE BIDEN: Your dad was a hero.

NANCY PELOSI: He became a martyr for our democracy.

ALEX MILLER: It's the second time in recent months the Capitol Police have honored one of their own in this way following the death of officer Brian Sicknick earlier this year.

NANCY PELOSI: Just months after the January 6th assault on our democracy, the men and women of the Capitol police were again called to duty.

ALEX MILLER: Officer Evans served for 18 years on the force, and is only the sixth person to lie in honor. Just four police officers, plus Reverend Billy Graham and Rosa Parks have their names on this sacred list. The toll this is taking on fellow officers was palpable. The president honored Evans acutely aware of what this loss means for this family.

JOE BIDEN: Losing a son, daughter, and brother sister, mom dance like losing a piece of your soul.

ALEX MILLER: Evans' family said in a statement, Billy was proud to be a United States Capitol police officer. His colleagues from the North barricade were the people he spent so many hours with. And their friendship was one of the best parts of his job.

CHUCK SCHUMER: Logan, Abigail, I want you to know that we are forever indebted to your dad. We will remember his sacrifice and your sacrifice forever.

- Amazing grace.

ALEX MILLER: Evans' death is renewing calls for discussions on how to make the capital safer. That could mean anything from more officers to additional fencing around the perimeter. In Washington, Alex Miller. Newsy.