Capitol Police officer: Jan 6 'worst of the worst'

Congress is hearing from former security officials about what went wrong Jan. 6, when a violent mob laid siege to the Capitol and interrupted the counting of electoral votes. A Capitol Police captain recalled her experience. (Feb. 23)

Video Transcript

AMY KLOBUCHAR: When an angry, violent mob staged an insurrection on January 6, and desecrated our Capitol-- the temple of our democracy-- it was not just an attack on the building. It was an attack on our Republic, itself. We are here today to better understand what was known in advance, what steps were taken to secure the Capitol, and what occurred that day because we want to ensure that nothing like this happens again.

CARNEYSHA MENDOZA: I received chemical burns to my face that still have not healed to this day. I witnessed officers being knocked to the ground and hit with various objects that were thrown by rioters. Of the multitude of events I've worked in my nearly 19-year career in the Department, this was by far the worst of the worst. We could have had 10 times the amount of people working with us, and I still believe the battle would have been just as devastating.

As an American, and as an Army veteran, it's sad to see us attacked by our fellow citizens. I'm sad to see the unnecessary loss of life. I'm sad to see the impact this has had on Capitol Police officers. And I'm sad to see the impact this has had on our agency and on our country. Although things are still raw, and moving forward will be a difficult process, I look forward to moving forward together as an agency and as a country.