Captain Lee Rosbach Does Not Like Being Invited to Dinner by Charter Guests

Captain Lee Rosbach Does Not Like Being Invited to Dinner by Charter Guests

Um ... awkward? Every Below Deck fan knows that sometimes, the charter guests are a bit too much to handle. That's why, when it comes to their inviting the likes of Lee Rosbach to the table for dinner, he's found some creative ways to avoid the situation all together.

"Yes, I have declined [invitations to dinner]," Captain Lee said on a November 28 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

"What do you say?" host Andy Cohen inquired. "'I have business on the bridge'?"

"With Kate [Chastain] it was really easy because I'd go like, 'I don't care what you do, just get me out of this,' and she was resourceful enough to do it," the Captain shared. "I'm close to that with Fraser [Olender]."

Andy then noted how he imagined the "success of the show" most likely brought about a higher demand from guests to enjoy dinner with the Captain.

"It was like ... every dinner!" Captain Lee shared.

While feisty charter guests are nothing new to the Captain, on the Season 10 premiere, there was one thing he hadn't experienced before.

“[This is the] first time I’ve ever had a captain’s chair that didn’t swivel,” he said on the November 21 episode. “Wow.”

In an episode interview, Captain Lee shared some of the other ways St. David differs from some of the past yachts he's worked on, including My Seanna and Valor. “It’s a big boat. Calf muscles are gonna be burning. It’s 197 feet, 1,093 tons,” he explained. “The staterooms are bigger, the hallways are longer, we got an extra deck. That’s another flight of stairs.”

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