Capturing the story of Soap Box Willy

Oct. 27—The story of Soap Box Willy was the first story that came to my mind when thinking about memorable features written by my coworkers (or former coworkers at that). This story embodied just how many unique stories are waiting to be told in our area.

I was thoroughly entertained by the recounting of the visit to MKM Soap as told by both Henry Culvyhouse and Matt Jones. I could tell immediately that this would be an exceptional feature highlighting how wonderful and eclectic the people in our area can be.

I don't recall what led to Henry and Matt making the visit to Haldeman in the first place, but their encounter with SoapBox Willy made the story inevitable. From the golf cart with antlers, which was obtained via a trade for a 1949 Chrysler, the homemade fishing lures, and the many clocks in various states of repair, the story was obviously there.

Soap Box Willy himself, real name Craig Riggsby, described a life that sounded like something out of a novel. From Indiana to Mexico, Connecticut to Korea, Riggsby had a story worth telling, and I'm glad Henry and Matt were there to capture it for all of us to enjoy.