A car crashed through a Sears in Woodfield Mall outside Chicago and kept driving, injuring at least 2 shoppers

Kat Tenbarge
Woodfield Mall


  • Videos on social media show a car driving erratically through the Woodfield Mall, about 40 minutes outside Chicago.
  • Early reports saw a driver crashed through the Sears located on the outer perimeter of the mall and continued driving, allegedly hitting shoppers.
  • An emergency rapid response alert was put out, and police sources said the driver of the car was in custody. Initially, a shooter was suspected, but police say no shots were fired.
  • 2 people are currently reported to be injured.
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A driver crashed through a Sears storefront and kept driving inside Woodfield Mall, approximately 40 minutes outside Chicago. Police sources say the driver is now in custody, and that at least two people were injured. There were no shots fired.

Videos on social media show the car driving erratically through the mall while people in the vicinity yell for the driver to stop. The incident occurred at around 2:30 PM on Friday.

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So this just happened at Woodfield. I'm safe. Jesus Christ pic.twitter.com/fOfhtPkWvr

One video posted to Twitter appears to show the driver of the vehicle being arrested.

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Video of @WoodfieldMall crazy driver being arrested in Tea Canal of woodfield mall! @CrystalFakhouripic.twitter.com/PLWmrFQnns

Other images were posted showing the car, a black SUV, after its driver exited the vehicle. It appears to have hit a pillar located in the central walkway of the mall, after dragging debris from store displays along with it. Some mall patrons took shelter in unaffected stores, and witnesses told CBS News that the sound of the car hitting the building first resembled gunshots.

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my mom is okay the managed to evacuate but the car crashed right in front of my moms store omg pic.twitter.com/CQ6S0sZxlY

Early reports say the car damaged the Sears store, along with a Forever 21 and a Hollister. It appears to have driven through the glass doors of the Sears before continuing into the main hallway of the mall.

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#BREAKING: A man behind the wheel of a black SUV drove through Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg Friday afternoon.

He drove through Sears & damaged several other stores including Forever 21 & Hollister.

Driver in police custody.@cbschicago

Photo Courtesy: Nik Farooqui pic.twitter.com/L5GoDk7WHH


The Schaumburg Police Department could not provide any additional updates at the time of publication.

This is a developing story.