Car Crashes Into Power Pole, Sparking Small Brush Fire On Mulholland Drive

Fire units are responding to a quarter-acre brush fire at 8336 W. Mulholland Drive in Hollywood Hills.

Video Transcript

- Hollywood Hills right now, where a car hit a power pole along Mulholland Drive.

- That's right. And Desmond Shaw and Sky 9 are over the scene for us right now. Desmond, what can you tell us?

- Well, Suzie and Serene, we are on Mulholland Drive just to the west of Laurel Canyon. We all know how windy Laurel Canyon-- or, rather, Mulholland-- can be, so not uncommon to see crashes. But look at this serious one here.

This vehicle-- looks like an Audi-- slammed into this power pole, knocked it over, and sparked a brushfire. I'll widen out, though. You see LA City Fire. They're knocking it down pretty quickly. They actually dispatched a fire helicopter over here, and I thought I heard him talking about a water drop, but now they're saying they're not gonna have to make one because they are getting a handle on this.

So fortunately, winds are really calm today, or this really could have turned into something catastrophic. A lot of homes up here. But the fire almost out, but Mulholland, I'm sure it's gonna stay shut down west of Laurel Canyon for quite some time as LA City mops this up. Live at Sky 9 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Suzie and Serene, back to you in the studio.