Car driving in Berlin controlled from Spain

STORY: This car in Berlin

is being controlled from Spain

German company, Vay, aims to create an alternative to private car ownership

(Thomas von der Ohe, Co-founder and CEO of Vay)

“We want to achieve here at Vay is to actually help solve transportation in metropolitan areas. / So you can imagine. You download the Vay app, you click a button. Within a few minutes an electric car gets remotely driven to you. You as a customer you get inside. You actually drive the car yourself. Exactly in front of the gate, in front of your house, wherever you want to go and then you just get out because another teledriver comes back and parks that car for you. So you don't have to walk to the vehicle and you don't have to park it because the remotes driver takes care of that.”

''So what we want to have is highly utilised electric vehicles, right. So instead of the two, three trips that a private car does, actually our car is driving the entire day.”