Video shows moment before car meet crash that killed 2

Investigators say the second person who died is just a teenager. Another teen is still in the hospital, fighting to survive.

Video Transcript

- Clear a path and make way for the ambulance so they can come straight to the injured party.

- Priority one, just due to the amount of calls and people there.

- Dark Chevy Malibu that's rolled over.

- Don't let them leave.

- Just shut the parking lot down.

SAMICA KNIGHT: Those were the first radio calls after a deadly accident on 290 near West Little York. It was around 9:30 last night when investigators say a driver speeding by a car meet up crashed. Three bystanders were hit, killing one of them. ABC13 reporter Courtney Fischer is at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where two of those injured teenagers are being treated this morning. Good morning to you, Courtney.

COURTNEY FISCHER: Good morning, Samica. Investigators say that the car that hit these three people, as you said killing one of them, was going about 100 miles per hour. The driver was doing a flyby. That's what investigators are telling us, and that basically means, in the world of racing, they were deliberately going past a group of people at a very high rate of speed.

Take a look right here. Two helicopters landing in the middle of the 290 feeder. The people hurt loaded in. Again, possibly teenagers. That's really all we know.

We're waiting for an update on how they're doing. The third person, a man, was killed. The driver in this yellow Chevy Camaro now charged with manslaughter. Investigators say he's a man in his 30s at this illicit underground car meet-up, and one witness tells us the driver actually bragged that he was going to do this flyby right before it all happened.

He didn't just hit the pedestrians. He also hit a black Chevy Malibu. The driver and passenger in that car not seriously hurt. We talked to several people out there who saw everything.

- My adrenaline was going, so I I'm trying to-- we're sitting here trying to get the call for the person who was laying on the ground.

- He was just laying on the ground, and they got him on a stretcher. Just carried him out on the chopper, so pretty messed up honestly. It's sad to see.

COURTNEY FISCHER: And we've covered these types of situations before, these reckless car meet-ups as investigators call them. Possibly, racing involved. They're happening more and more, and that's why Sheriff Ed Gonzalez put together a task force investigating this stuff.

Well, Sean Teare with the DA's office says, quote, "in the last three days, a number of people have been arrested directly through that task force." But he didn't say exactly how many. Now there's a lot of video surfacing of this on social media, and Teare also says just hand it over because if you post it, if you don't cooperate, there will be consequences. That's a warning from the DA's office. For now, reporting live, Courtney Fischer, ABC13 "Eyewitness News."