Car narrowly misses motorcycle suddenly changing its lane on Thai highway

This is the terrifying moment a motorcyclist narrowly avoided being hit by an oncoming car after suddenly changing its lane. The rider pulled out from the slow lane used by bikers on the far left without indicating, looking over his shoulder or checking his mirrors. Dashcam footage shows how the rider was heading towards a gap in the motorway to make a u-turn in Surat Thani, southern Thailand, on December 28. Approaching driver Kom Cheongthong was unable to slow down in time and had to swerve at the last moment to avoid smashing into the motorcyclist. Kom's vehicle clipped the rider who was knocked onto the ground but picked himself up without suffering any serious injuries - despite not wearing a helmet. Kom said: ''I was driving back home as usual but the motorcycle rider didn't me approaching. "Fortunately, the rider was not harmed that much. One of his collarbones was fractured, and I helped him with medical expenses." Kom said he settled the situation amicably with the rider, who accepted his part in causing the accident. The driver paid around 3,000 baht (75GBP) in medical costs and there was no involvement with insurance companies or police.

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