Car stranded after flood waters fill Sweeny streets

Residents in the area began reporting water in their homes after several hours of continuous downpours.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, Kevin, we just got here to Sweeney, so we're still trying to evaluate the situation here. But you can clearly see from where we are. This is Ashley Wilson, one of the main roads here in Sweeney that this neighborhood, this is Azalea Drive, is completely underwater. Unfortunately we didn't find out that this person who is in this car here. They are stranded. Their car is not able to move from the spot that they're at right now. Sweeney Public Works is also out putting up barricades into these neighborhoods. And you can tell, too, that these are some low lying neighborhoods in Sweeney. The road that we're on here, this is Ashley Wilson, sits a little bit higher up. But the neighborhood here and the other side here, you can see lie a little bit lower and those are the areas that we're seeing a lot of flooding.

We immediately noticed that there was a lot of flooding. Once we got into town, we did also speak to some people earlier this morning as the rain moved across South and West of Houston. Take a listen to what they had to say.

Yeah, what advice to give people who are out driving in at this morning? How are you keeping safe?

- I'm only around because I have to be at an event at our church. But stay home, please.

- All right, we're not sure how these people are doing in this home here but you can see that the water is really close to getting inside of this home here. Hopefully it stays back. We're now sure, though, because the rain continues to fall here in Sweeney. Kevin, we'll send it back to you.

- Those reports-- just getting on the scene there and just an incredible job showing us what's happening there in--