Car wash planned for vacant lot on Indiana 931

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Aug. 3—A new car wash is being planned for a vacant lot on Indiana 931.

The car wash will be located at 715 S. Reed Road, just north of Markland Avenue, and will feature a one-lane automatic washing tunnel and vacuums for customers to use to clean the inside of their vehicles.

According to a rendering provided to the BZA, the car wash will feature a three-lane entry, similar to how Crew Carwash handles entry, with a self-pay kiosk that will be located on the west side of the property. The car wash building will be in the middle of the property, with vacuums and parking spots on the east side near Indiana 931.

According to a business plan provided Tuesday, the car wash will feature a "state-of-the-art" tunnel system that is conveyor-fed, allowing the car wash to service larger vehicles and vehicles with specialty wheels.

Nick Spallone, of Car Wash Pro Designers, a Chicago-based company that helps design and finance car washes, said the car wash will have the ability to wash vehicles used for off-roading and dually trucks using artificial intelligence and sonar scanning.

"They're fitting the system that will have A.I. technology that will allow the car to be prepped while it's in the bay, removing all debris," Spallone said. "It will take all material out of the bed of the truck through A.I. technology and sonar scanning, and then it will push it all onto a flat driveway so you can have cars going sideways on this thing. You don't have to worry about lining up on a track. It could have wide tires, big tires, dually (trucks). It will service vehicles that other washes in town cannot."

The new car wash will be owned by county resident Justin Moore, who is also the owner of Pressure Works, a local pressure washing company.

The new development was granted a special exception permit Tuesday by the Kokomo Board of Zoning Appeals. It will still need development plan approval from the Kokomo Plan Commission.

Construction is expected to begin by the end of the year.

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