Cara Delevingne Has Been Accused Of “Fetishizing Black Women” After Footage Of Her Licking Azealia Banks Resurfaced Following Her Bizarre Treatment Of Megan Thee Stallion At The BBMAs

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It’s fair to say that Cara Delevingne managed to completely steal the show at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, despite the fact she isn’t best known for being a musician — let alone a nominee.

But Cara’s erratic behavior on both the red carpet and during the actual ceremony arguably overshadowed the actual winners from the evening, with many of her escapades going viral on social media.


Her antics began on the red carpet before the show, when she was spotted peering around a corner to watch Megan Thee Stallion as she posed for the waiting photographers.

With her eyes transfixed on Megan, Cara was shouting inaudibly and sticking her tongue out before she eventually ran onto the carpet and grabbed the train of Megan’s custom Mugler dress to give the photos some added movement.

Cara repeatedly tossed the train in the air for the cameras, and although Megan laughed politely at first, people have argued that glimmers of irritation appeared to cross her face as Cara crashed her red carpet moment.

Things only got stranger during the show, with Cara seated next to Megan and behind Doja Cat. At one point, Megan and Doja were having a conversation when Cara interrupted by popping up between them and telling Doja: “Babe, I fucking love you so much.”


And when Megan won the award for Rap Female Artist, Cara could not hide her excitement as she leaned into Megan and stuck her tongue out while pulling a face.

As Megan made her way onto the stage, Cara once again grabbed at the train of her dress, but instead of throwing it like she did on the red carpet, she simply ran her hand down the fabric.

Cara then leaped out of her seat and dramatically applauded Megan’s win.

Finally, she was seen writhing on the floor as she took a photo of Doja posing with Fat Joe and DJ Khaled.

As the selection of BBMA videos of Cara began to circulate online, people started sharing clips of the star behaving in a similar way at past events.

One was filmed earlier this month, when Cara was spotted seemingly leaning in to kiss Megan at a Met Gala afterparty. In the short video, which gained traction after it was shared by gossip Instagram account Deux Moi, Megan reacted by putting her hands on Cara’s shoulders and gently pushing her away.

“Glad people finally seeing Cara Delevingne as a menace to society because why was she trying to kiss Megan at the Met Gala after party,” one person tweeted.

Another uncomfortable moment was captured at Leah McSweeney’s Halloween party last year, during Azealia Banks’ performance of “212.”

Cara got onstage mid-performance and grabbed the mic from Azealia, speaking incoherently to the crowd before the visibly confused musician was able to take the microphone back.

Cara then kneeled on the floor and began to grab and lick Azealia’s legs, with someone sharing the video and writing: “Can we ban Cara Delevingne from Hollywood?”

This pattern of behavior has now sparked a wider conversation about Cara’s treatment of Megan, Doja, and Azealia, with some accusing her of “fetishizing Black women” as they called her out for repeatedly making people feel “uncomfortable.”

Taking to Twitter, one person said of the BBMAs: “Do people realize what Cara was doing last night was fetishizing and dehumanizing Black women???” Someone else wrote: “Cara Delevingne is weird, please stop fetishizing black women.”

“I’m sorry but I have to add Cara Delevingne to my list of blocked topics. Not only is she putting Black women in awkward situations by behaving like this, but her behavior makes me feel uncomfortable as a Black woman. Like, is she incapable of treating Black women with respect?” another person tweeted.

“Maybe Cara Delevingne harassing and touching Black women without consent isn’t funny, actually,” another echoed. Somebody else stated: “Cara Delevingne is harassing Black women.”

While another person tweeted: “Absolutely hilarious memes about Cara D but also can she not continue to harass Black women the way she does lmfao yes Black women are beautiful but you dont gotta be fuckin weird about it. Stop fetishizing black women pls.”

Another called Cara out for not allowing Black stars to “have their moment” as they accused her of trying to upstage Megan, Doja, and Azealia. They wrote: “I don’t appreciate this Cara lady trying to upstage Black women. Let them have their moment…”

Cara was also accused of not respecting other people’s personal space or boundaries, with one person tweeting: “Cara Delevingne is the perfect example of white women feeling overly entitled to anyone’s (but ESPECIALLY black women’s) personal space and boundaries.”

And posting the video of Cara with Azealia, another wrote: “This is so cringe. she’s not respecting boundaries and just being so fucking weird and gross. I can’t stand girls like Cara.”

While none of the women involved have publicly commented on Cara’s behavior, Megan sparked speculation that she wasn’t comfortable with it on Monday.

The star shared a series of photos from the night to her Instagram account, including a fan-made edit of herself and Doja sitting in their seats.

It didn’t take long for fans to notice that Cara was visible in the original photo but had been completely edited out in the revision.

While some argued that Megan’s repost was a subtle nod to the online commentary surrounding Cara’s antics, others pointed out that Cara was slightly blurry in the original snap so she may have actually been cropped out for that reason.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Cara’s representative for comment.

May. 17, 2022, at 19:49 PM

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