Carat Cheung denies plastic surgery

Carat Cheung denies plastic surgery

13 Sep - Newly crowned Miss Hong Kong Carat Cheung has denied rumours that she went under the knife to alter her looks before joining the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

According to Jayne Stars, rumours started circulating when an old photo of her had emerged showing Carat with a broader face, which lead to speculations that she could have used botox to slim down her jawline, did minor alterations to her nose and gained double eyelids from plastic surgery.

Carat, whose victory at the pageant had been considered to be controversial due to the technical failure of an unprecedented live voting system, laughed off those allegations and dismissed them as speculative gossip from the media.

"When I first heard them, I felt they were very funny. They are creative. I understand that readers can be easily influenced by the media, no matter how much I explain. I can only use my actions to demonstrate my innocence," she said.

She further insisted that the Miss Hong Kong pageant this year had emphasised on natural beauty, so it was not necessary for her to prove that she had not undergone plastic surgery.

"This year's Miss Hong Kong standards stated that artificial beauties are not wanted. If I did receive the procedures, then I would have been disqualified!" she said.