Cardi B Gets Apology From Woman Who Allegedly Slept With Offset

Patricia Grannum

Cardi B

Cardi B recently announced that she’s no longer in a romantic relationship with Offset, one-third of the rap group Migos and the father of her child.

In her announcement, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper did not go into too much detail on why she decided to end the relationship. But TMZ reports that a model named Summer Bunni has issued an apology to Cardi for allegedly sleeping with Offset.

In the video, Summer claims that she did not realize how serious their marriage was. She also expresses regret at the idea that she may have played a part in their breakup.

“I feel ashamed,” Summer says as she tries to fight back tears. “To Cardi B, to her fans, to her family, to her situation, these were never my intentions. I never wanted to break up a happy home.”

She later reveals that she has not apologized to Cardi B directly but reiterated that she was sorry for getting involved with Offset.

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