Cardi B Talks Recent Plastic Surgery And Sophomore Album Coming 2023

As The Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee wrapped up her last day at the Power 105.1 radio show, Cardi B called in to send her well wishes and thank Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy for all of their support since the beginning of her career.

Amid playing around with the idea of filling in as a guest host sometime in 2023 to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Invasion of Privacy — Cardi also revealed that she’s recently had some surgical touch-ups done to her body. Confessing to still visiting the Dominican Republic to get work done, the Bronx rapper told the hosts “I finally got my body right,” just in time for her sophomore album release, expected to drop next year.

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“You look amazing,” Yee complimented Cardi. “For these visuals … now is the time.”

“Yeah. Yeah,” the 30-year-old agreed. “I finally got my body right, know what I’m saying? I took a lil’ trip to D.R.”

Charlamagne and Envy both chimed in denying that the Grammy-winning multi-millionaire still goes to the controversial location where many women have lost their lives while receiving surgical enhancements.

“You ain’t go to no damn D.R. No you didn’t,” CThaGod said in disbelief as Cardi reassured him that D.R.’s plastic surgeons “do the best job.”

“You still going to D.R. to get surgery? No…” Charlamagne responded in disbelief.

Cardi then discussed that fans can expect her sophomore album in 2023 following her debut LP from five years ago.

“Yeah, I have no choice,” she said while deciphering if she should release the project around the anniversary of her debut album. “I have to put it out.”

Revealing that she has already recorded a few songs that are “definite” for the album, she added, “I don’t know what’s going on with me. I need to just make up my mind and just put it out. I think I’m too much in my head about it because there’s some songs and people are like ‘You just need to release it.'”

She added, “I just feel like I’m missing something. It’s missing something. I don’t know. I gotta put it out next year.”

Cardi B performs in a pink costume.
Cardi B performs in a pink costume.

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Cardi also gave her sentiments to Yee through a farewell song and thanked the entire radio show before exiting her phone conversation with the hosts.

“You guys helped me so much in my career and you guys have always been so nice and beautful to me,” Cardi expressed. “I mean I know The Breakfast Club is not over but… I just love you guys.” She then sang Yee a farewell song before speaking on her family plans for the upcoming holidays.

“I can’t even think straight after Thanksgiving,” she jokingly said. “They tore me up — all five of them. I’m recovering.”

Watch Cardi B’s call-in with The Breakfast Club above.

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