Cardinals in the gently falling snow are a breathtaking sight

Cardinals are among the most beautiful of all songbirds in North America. Their distinctive bright red coloring and black mask makes them instantly recognizable. They are so pleasing to the eye that they have been featured on Christmas cards and it paintings for decades. In contrast to the white snow, they are vibrant and eye catching. This is the male of the species and he has found a fresh supply of seeds that appear every day at this back yard feeder. The female is also red, but her plumage is more rust colored and she is not as bright. The male has a distinctive call and he can be heard for long distances. They are a welcome sight in any back yard for bird enthusiasts. This bird lover stashed a GoPro in his feeder, among the seeds and let it record the activity. When he looked at the footage later, he was delighted to see that this male and a few friends had perched and feasted right in front of the lens. Cardinals are so well loved that many believe that when they receive a visit from a cardinal, it is the reincarnation of a lost loved one, sent from heaven. The word cardo in Latin means hinge, and many believe that this is because cardinals are the hinge between the earth and the spirit world. Others believe that when a cardinal appears, it is a sign that they are about to find a new romance. Whatever we believe, these beautiful little birds do make a perfect picture or video.