Care/Don't Care Week 7 - LA Rams passing efficiency

FFL Flash Alerts - Matt Harmon explains why he doesn't care about the LA Rams offense in fantasy.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's talk about something that I absolutely do not care about. And look, let me read you off to the little nerd stats here about the Rams offense-- how good they are. They're ninth in yards per drive, fifth in offensive DVOA, fifth in total yards, 10th in yards per play.

And yet, I don't really kind my-- find myself caring about any of that when it comes to projecting their players in fantasy. Because right now, they're all struggling to really hit a ceiling. I mean, the tight ends? Forget about it.

Tyler Higbee it ranks in that nebulous ultimately totally meaningless tight end of 7 to 14 range all because he scored some touchdowns a few weeks ago. Well, that's not happening anymore, not even clearing 60 yards at any point here in 2020.

Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp-- these guys were highly touted coming into the year. Woods ranks wide receiver 14, and Kupp is all the way down at wide receiver 24. The former, being Woods, is buoyed by a league-high among wide receivers, 76 rushing yards. Cooper Kupp-- he's really struggling to make big plays consistently in the passing game and see a ton of volume now that he's not really playing slot receiver as much anymore.

Those two guys really need-- they play these highly constricted roles. So they need to make plays after the catch. And to be fair, they are making those plays. These two guys, among wide receivers who have 30-plus targets on the year, are the only ones that are averaging more than seven yards after the catch per reception.

I mean, they're making money on those screen passes. However, the volume is just not there. Woods has not seen more than 80 yards since week 1. As I mentioned, Cooper Kupp is struggling to consistently make plays.

You've got to think of these guys as floor plays only in fantasy considering the Rams offense right now-- they've got the training wheels on Goff like I've mentioned several times. And they're one of the most run heavy teams in the NFL. So yes, while a running back, perhaps, could consistently hit a ceiling in this offense, I think you already know the story there why that is not going to happen.