Carlile dedicates Grammys performance to the late John Prine

Brandi Carlile says she's performing for an audience of one at the Grammy Awards: the late singer-songwriter John Prine. (March 14)

Video Transcript

BRANDI CARLISLE: I think in the past, performing in front of an audience is the only thing that matters to me. And it would have been the make or break element to the performance. But this time, I'm just performing for John Prine. It's just for John. And I know he's there.

It feels good to be dressed up, and to be sparkling, and just to sort of square my shoulders and get outside of the house a little bit. And also just to be in California and see the sunshine has just been pretty, pretty special trip for me. We're really, really loving it and starting to feel like, you know, spring is coming more than one way.

It took me such a long time in my life to get to the point where I was coming to the awards and being able to participate in the events, and go to the parties, and wear the clothes. And it's been such a big part of my life for the last few years. And I don't know, it just as a person that, you know, grew up on the fringe of these kinds of festivities-- I think maybe just being a queer artist, you know, it took me a really long time to sort of get my flowers. And so I miss it this year.