New Carlisle city manager will stay after announcing departure last month

Aug. 23—A month after New Carlisle's city manager said he planned to resign for another job, he has decided to stay in his position.

Randy Bridge will continue as city manager after a resolution for a letter of intent was made to develop an employment contract by Dec. 1, which he told the Springfield News-Sun at a city council meeting Monday night. Members held an executive session as part of the meeting.

"I'm excited city council has decided to work on a common goal of having a contract in place for my employment. I look forward to many more years of guiding the city in a positive direction," he said.

He was initially going to depart his New Carlisle job on Aug. 11 after accepting a position with the city of Carlisle to oversee all municipal planning, zoning, code enforcement and economic development activities for the city.

After a special city council meeting held on Aug. 11, the members decided to make a resolution to authorize a letter of intent regarding Bridge's employment.

According to the non-binding letter of intent, some of Bridge's contract terms could include: an indefinite term unless terminated by either party; severance payment of salary and benefits for six months if his employment is terminated by the council; his salary, vacation, sick and other leave, retirement benefits and health insurance will be no less than his current offerings; he will provide at least 30 days notice if he resigns or retires; and he will have performance reviews and salary adjustments, and if he doesn't get one, he will get an annual salary increase of 3% of his annual salary for the year not evaluated.

If the employment agreement is not entered into by Dec. 1, Bridge can continue without a contract or resign, and he will get severance of salary and other benefits for three months.

Bridge has been city manager since April 2015, and since that time has not had a contract for his employment.

"It's uncommon for the city manager to not have a contract ... It protects both parties," he said.

Since there was no contract in place, when he got a job offer from the city of Carlisle, he decided to accept it. However, New Carlisle city council was interested in Bridge continuing as city manager.

Bridge said he has contacted the Carlisle city manager to say he has decided to keep his current city manager position.

Since Bridge has been city manager, the city has repaired the roadway system at "astonishing rates," improved the park system with new equipment and features, was named the second healthiest housing market in the state, and added two new residential developments that will "positively impact the city for years to come."