Carlton Restaurant Closing After Decades In Business

Iconic Pittsburgh restaurant, the Carlton, is closing after 37 years in business.

Video Transcript

- Also breaking, big news concerning another Pittsburgh icon. The Carlton Restaurant will be closing its doors after 37 years in business. The owner says the pandemic led to the closure, losing about a half a million dollars. He says he paid 14 months of rent, but was unable to fully reopen and most of their revenue came from catering. The owner hopes to remain part of the Pittsburgh fabric, but is sad to see his decades of hard work come to an end.

KEVIN JOYCE: I've had some great years here, and it's been a wonderful-- wonderful ride. I've had great support from my own family, raised five kids. Every one of them worked here, everyone learned some things here. And they all put up with me not being home for dinner. I'm going to miss it. A lot of family celebrations.

- You can tell he was emotional there. The owner says people will be able to say their final goodbyes on May 27th, at the Final Pour Event. It's a wine sale and tasting test-- taste testing event from the Carlton's well-known and extensive wine collection.