Carmelo Anthony and rapper T.I. call for unified, collective action, justice

Jamie Hudson

Trail Blazers veteran and future Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony shared a glass of wine with rapper Tip Harris AKA T.I. on Melo's weekly YouTube live show, 'What's in your Glass'.

This week, though, was not about wine. 

Instead, it was a real conversation between Melo and T.I. about the current state of the nation.

"There's things that need to be talked about, things that need to be discussed," Anthony said. "We're going to focus more on where we're at as a country. It's a matter of generational racism that got us to a point where we're at right now."

The Trail Blazers forward started off the show with a virtual toast and asked his special guest how he was doing.

T.I. took a moment before answering.

I'm torn up just like everyone else, emotional, angry, upset. I'm sick and tired of it, fed up. As long as I've been living, I've been hearing from people that we don't stick together. 

These past few days, we've been sticking together. One thing I want to focus on are the things that bring us together vs. the things that tear us apart. We may have a different idea of how to get there, but we're all on the same journey and we're all fighting for the same cause. 

We're all fed up, we all know something must be done, we're all on the same side fighting the same enemy. So, I say we start there and then build and grow.  -- TI on What's In Your Glass

Melo opened up about his difficult conversations with his 13-year-old son, Kiyan.

As Melo asked for T.I.'s advice on what he's saying to his young adult children, Melo added, "I'm having a hard time sitting down with my son." Anthony also said that his son has "witnessed maybe 6 or 7 police killings of a black man."

T.I. has made it clear to his children that he wants them to know, "This is not a problem that they brought about, that they caused. This was like that before they got here."

The Atlanta, Georgia native continued to share how he sits down and talks with his kids.

We just have to find the best way to deal with it and remain safe, healthy and free in the process and I think the best way to do that is remove emotion. It's difficult, especially for young people. [My advice] is hit or miss because there are no right answers. There's nothing that they can do that will guarantee that they will not be killed. There's nothing I can tell them, for sure, without fail, if you do it like this, you'll stay alive. I don't have that answer. The main message I have for youth is that we support you. We may not always understand you, we are all on the same side. It's going to take all of what you've got and a little bit of what we've got to defeat this beast that we have ahead of us.

Anthony shared how he feels things are different right now and reiterated that it's up to him, T.I., and other influencers to make sure they continue to work towards change.

"We're dealing with a new, different breed of protestors who don't know consequence, who don't give a damn about consequence, who's ready to go by any means necessary," Carmelo said. "Even though everyone's out there doing what we're doing, we're protesting, we standing up for what we believe in, we standing up for what's right, we're standing up against injustices, I don't think people understand why people are protesting... I don't think they understand that this country was built on protests at the end of the day. We've protested to have this country to be what it is today... The people that are in power right now are abusing that... I don't like tearing up our s***. I don't like tearing up our communities, but there comes a time where we can't tell people to stop at this very moment... We've got to be careful in what we say because we are the influencers in our community, which is the black community."

What's going on right now is different from past movements and this is how T.I. and Melo know:

"I've never seen a police station burn," T.I. said, to which Anthony replied, "That's when I knew s*** was real."

What about T.I's. message? 

That's what Melo wanted to know and wanted his friend to share with the world as Anthony mentioned he is still trying to figure out his message.

America has incredible debt to pay and the laws of reciprocity are in order. But, in order for the movement to make the most significant amount of impact, you've got to have an incredible amount of purpose and direction... I think if you lead with purpose and direction, I think you make more impact that way. -- T.I.

Melo continued to share his thoughts on what he can do, saying "it's on us, as leaders to lead because we can't rely on the leaders in place right now."

Carmelo wants to make sure his voice and the voices of other black lives are being heard now and will continue to be heard.

"I think the smartest thing to do... Now that we've got their attention, we've got to start plotting because they want to shut s*** down. They're going to do everything in their power to shut s*** down, shut us up. How do we come out of this as a black community?"

T.I. echoed that sentiment, saying people need to also show up at the polls and vote.

I hope that we can depend on justice…

We have all the power we need. We can build or destroy any business, any brand, any corporation. All we have to do is show united support or united disgust to any corporation or person and the power comes from our collective effort... It's going to take all of what you've got to defeat this beast that we have ahead of us. It's a dastardly machine with with clandestine intentions and I don't think that my way alone is going to work and I don't think your way alone is going to work. But together, collectively, we can work together to play each card when it's time to with the appropriate amount of force, effort, energy and purpose. -- T.I.

Today, on June 2nd, Black Out Tuesday, we can all learn from Carmelo Anthony and T.I.'s discussion on this day of collective disconnect from work as we come together in support of the Black community.

Check out the entire episode of What's in Your Glass right here.

Carmelo Anthony and rapper T.I. call for unified, collective action, justice originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest