Carne asada overload. Did Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos serve up the perfect taco?

The search for the 10 out of 10 carne asada taco continues. My latest stop was at Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos at 1410 Minnesota Ave. in Kansas City, Kansas.

The restaurant provided a charming setting reminiscent of a traditional Mexican street-side taco stand. The intimate eatery, boasting a clean layout and an open kitchen bathed in natural sunlight, exuded a cozy and authentic atmosphere.

Upon entering, the simplicity of the place immediately captured my attention. It stood in stark contrast to the grandeur of larger establishments and instead embraced the familiar ambiance found in small, neighborhood taco spots. The authenticity of the setting, reminiscent of the streets of Mexico, provided a refreshing and nostalgic experience.

Once the order was placed, a table was secured in anticipation of the tacos. To my surprise, the multitasking server efficiently handed over a bag, neatly wrapping up the order—a subtle reminder that specifying “for here” might be vital to avoid misunderstandings regarding a takeout order.

The carne asada tacos served at Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos in Kansas City, Kansas, are loaded with with meat.
The carne asada tacos served at Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos in Kansas City, Kansas, are loaded with with meat.

Unveiling the package, the tacos revealed themselves in their purest form—a canvas of tortilla and meat. A personal touch was necessary, and a simple request for cilantro and onions breathed life into the tacos.

The salsa verde emerged as a standout, a delightful medley of tang and spice that enhanced the savory canvas. However, the salsa roja posed a challenge with its fiery heat, overpowering the flavors and leaving a lingering burn.

The carne asada, while delivering a rich taste, had its downside—a surplus of grease that seeped through the tortilla, risking its unraveling. To balance out the saltiness of the meat, I adjusted by adding extra cilantro and onion.

The tacos unexpectedly featured generous portions of carne asada, nearly forming an inadvertent fourth taco. The lack of radishes or cucumber created a gap in traditional pairings, subtly disturbing the balance of flavors.

As the saltiness became more pronounced, a decision was made to take home the leftover carne asada from the other tacos. Without the appropriate accompaniments to scoop it up, savoring the meat by itself might have been overwhelming.

After trying the tacos at Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos, the experience was a mix of highs and lows. While the tacos didn’t quite hit the mark for my personal tastes, the small and welcoming vibe of the place made it a cozy spot for a quick bite.

Watch the video to find out how I rated my Taco Tales experience at Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos.