S. Carolina House to vote on bill banning abortion

South Carolina lawmakers are set to vote on a proposal that could ban almost all abortions in the state. The "South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act" would stop most abortions if a heartbeat is detected by an ultrasound. (Feb. 16)

Video Transcript

NANCY NUTTER: Women should have their own choice with their health care and what they do with their bodies. And that's a horrible right being taken away.

BECKY RIVERA: Well, I'm a woman of faith, so I go what the Bible says. I'm pro-life, absolutely, 100%.

KAITLYN BOWMAN: It's 2021. You never think that your rights can get taken away.

DOLLIE HARRIS: I think that's sad. It should not be a government issue.

BECKY RIVERA: That will be a miracle if it did. So I hope, I pray it does.