Carrie Bradshaw Walks Into a Zara—Here's What She Buys

Lauren Eggertsen

When Carrie Bradshaw walks into a bar, she orders a Cosmopolitan. When Carrie Bradshaw walks into a Zara, she buys the most statement-making pieces available. At least that’s what we can assume based on her iconic Sex and the City wardrobe. We’ve written plenty of stories highlighting and semi-obsessing over everything in Carrie’s closet, but if you’re a true SATC fan, you really can never get enough. From re-creating exact looks to taking inspiration from her aesthetic as a whole, we never really stop learning from her wonky yet reliably chic style choices. Today, we’re taking that mindset into one of our favorite affordable retailers: Zara.

Ahead, we rounded up some classic Carrie Bradshaw images from the show and shopped out Zara items that mimic the overall vibe she gives off in each. The images ahead include tulle tube tops, crystal cocktail dresses, baby tanks, and more. Thanks to the overwhelming stock of '80s-inspired dresses pieces currently being sold at the retailer, we had a lot to choose from. Between the hot pink belted minidress and the bright blue lace-up stilettos, this just might be our best Carrie-inspired Zara haul yet. 

Zara Organza Blouse ($30)

We love a sheer top, but the sleeve detailing is what's got me adding this to my cart. 

Zara Striped Top With Knot ($30)

DIY scarf-top without the hassle of tying it yourself. 

Zara Belted Mini Dress ($90)

This may be black, but it's anything but boring.

Zara Fringed Sequin Skirt ($90)

This skirt has me weak in the knees. 

Zara Beaded Heel Sandals ($60)

The subtle way to add a little sparkle to your look.

Zara Sequin Cropped Top ($40)

Consider your GNO (girls' night out) look figured out. Hint: It includes this top.

Zara Organza Assymetric Dress ($70)


Zara High Heeled Vinyl Sandals ($50)

Just because these heels are clear doesn't mean you can't see the style they impart.

Zara Belted Poplin Dress ($50)

Summer-ready with a bold hue. 

Zara Beaded Mini Crossbody Bag With Clasp ($50)

Small in size but big in effect. 

Zara Satin Lingerie Style Dress ($70)

Sometimes it's the simplest dresses that become our instant favorites. 

Zara Flat Feather Sandals ($90)

I'm obsessed with these, and that's not an understatement. 

Zara Knit Top With Balloon Sleeves ($40)

Pair this with a slip skirt and strappy sandals and you're ready to be on your own episode of SATC. 

Zara Iridescent Sequin Dress ($70)

No such thing as too much sequin.

Zara Dress With Voluminous Sleeves ($90)

The '80s called, and they're ready for you. 

Zara Jacket Dress With Sequins ($149)

For when you want a more structured ensemble, but still some pizazz.

Zara Top With Full Sleeves ($70)

Now here's a top that'll get people talking. 

Zara Knit Top ($30)

The perfect basic to go with all the statement-pieces in this roundup. 

Zara Tied Leather Heeled Sandals ($129)

Carrie Bradshaw wore hot pink heels, so then I wore hot pink heels. 

Zara Marble Effect Box Bag ($70)

Now that's a handbag. 

Zara Satin Pants ($40)

Everything from the perfect hue to the high-waisted detailing looks so expensive.

Zara Metal Leather Mid-Heeled Shoes ($100)

Because I know you were probably eyeing these sandals in the look above. 

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