Carroll's skillset too good to pass up in fantasy

After getting called up by the Diamondbacks on Monday, Chris Crawford details why Corbin Carroll should be rostered wherever eligible in fantasy leagues.

Video Transcript

- After a dominant Minor League season, the Diamondbacks made the decision to promote Corbin Carroll to the MLB roster on Monday. And fantasy managers are rejoicing, and with good reason. The 16th pick of the 2019 draft, Carroll hit .307/.425.611 in 93 games at the upper levels. And that includes a .943 OPS over 33 games in AAA Reno. He also stole 31 bases in that time frame. And it's possible his speed is his best tool.

That's more a compliment to his wheels than an insult to anything else, as Carroll can make hard contact all over the field and he's tapped into his power quicker than anyone could have anticipated. The Diamondbacks aren't calling up their top prospect to sit on the bench over the final month or so either. So managers shouldn't worry about playing time concerns. Most rookies require an adjustment period. But Carroll's skill set is just too good to do anything but recommended an addition in fantasy leagues anywhere he's eligible to be added. The reward is well worth the risk and then some.