Carson Daly Recalls First Seeing Blake Shelton During ‘The Voice’ Season 1

Carson Daly talks about what it was like for Blake Shelton to join 'The Voice.'

Video Transcript


GERRAD HALL: "The Voice" is celebrating some milestones this year. Not only is it the 10 year anniversary of the show's debut but it's also the 20th season, which is just insane to think. Blake, Carson, and Audrey, you've all been there from the beginning. Take us back to that first season. What do you remember most about it?

CARSON DALY: Oh, my gosh. I'll just jump in there quickly because the funniest thing is this all happened really fast and we went to air with it really quick because this reality competition space was filling up. Long story short, we get Christina Aguilera. Arguably the voice of our generation, it's a huge get. We get Adam Levine the rock star. We get the great CeeLo Green and we have three huge names, it's fine. We'll just get a whatever fourth.

And we got this country guy named Blake Shelton. And Blake walks in the room and we all look like, who's this tall drink of water with the cowboy hat? And it was Blake, which I only bring it up, because after 10 years I don't think anybody's got a bigger bounce off this television successful show than Mr Shelton.