Carving a name for himself

Michelle Wulfson, The Huntsville Item, Texas
·2 min read

Apr. 25—Since retiring from a 26-year-career as a truck driver, Blaine McCadam has turned a new leaf, returning to his passion of wood working to create high quality pieces that will become part of family traditions for generations to come.

McCadam learned how to wood work from his father and has since continued to follow his passion throughout his life to produce handmade jewelry boxes, candlesticks, cutting boards and cheese boards that he sells at Southern Belle Mercantile in downtown Huntsville. A few blocks away, he sells his more modern country style candle sticks, serving trays, large cutting boards up to 2.5 feet-long and hand carved spoons and spatulas at Farmhouse Furniture.

"They're simple, my jewelry boxes are just a simple drawer that has felt inside, but a lot of love and a lot of care goes into making them this piece that you can't buy at Home Depot, Costco or Target," McCadam said. "Everything I make is homemade and very much put together in a way that is a very beautifully finished product, a piece of art."

Though he insists that his pieces are meant to be well used. A cooking enthusiast at heart, McCadam insists that his hand carved spoons and spatulas are made to be equally as beautiful as they are utilitarian, only getting better with age.

"We're using high quality walnut wood that they can scrape their pans with and when they get a little bit of a burn on the tip of them, that just seasons them, it's like an old cast iron pan, that's why it works so good," McCadam said.

McCadam handpicks all of his wood from local, Texas mills, with an eye for color and grain. He prefers to work with black walnut, red oak, white oak, elms and cedars to create his hand cut, eye-catching designs.

"The wood in Texas is just so magnificent, you get that black walnut paired up with a white oak for the stripe down the middle of it and it's a kind of wood that the grains show out. I've been using wood all of my life, and I can say that buying wood at Home Depot or at a wood store, it doesn't even compare to going to a mill and hand picking out that wood, knowing that when I get it all done, that's how it shows this beautiful piece," McCadam said.

As a newcomer to Huntsville, he's looking forward to expanding his business to more local stores, markets and online. Coming up, he plans to sell his wares at the Wine Down, Shop Small event at the downtown square on May 8. Custom orders for items like extra large cutting boards for hunters or holiday crosses and manger scenes can also be made via Facebook at McCadam Wood Creations.