Casey Anthony speaks out from seclusion

In an unrecorded interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan Tuesday, Casey Anthony spoke out for the first time since she was acquitted last summer of charges that she murdered her daughter.

Anthony was charged in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but a jury found her not guilty. She was released from jail July 17, 2011, nearly one year ago.

Morgan and Anthony spoke for 10 minutes and Morgan reported some of the contents of the interview during a segment on “Piers Morgan Tonight” with Anthony’s lawyer Cheney Mason.

The one message Anthony wanted to convey, according to Morgan: “Obviously I didn’t kill my daughter.” Anthony has been secluded in her Florida home because of threats.

Caylee disappeared in June 2008, but was not reported missing for an entire month. Anthony’s defense team claimed Caylee drowned in the family’s pool and said Anthony and her father panicked and hid the body. Anthony’s father denied the story during the trial.

Anthony has been cooped up in her home for nearly 12 months, where she “cooks, cleans, reads books, exercises, watches programs on TV, movies mostly,” according to her lawyer.

Her book of choice? “The Hunger Games.” Morgan mentioned that the book was about killing children, but the question was brushed away.

Anthony’s location has been kept a secret because of death threats against her, and her only contact with the outside world has been through occasional photos and videos that have surfaced on the Internet.

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Casey Anthony speaks out from seclusion

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