Cash Gernon’s dad isn’t allowed at murdered child’s funeral, his family says

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The family drama continues with a battle brewing over the funeral services for Cash Gernon, the Texas toddler who was kidnapped and killed earlier this month.

Before turning himself in on outstanding drug charges, Cash’s father Trevor Gernon, who left his two boys with a friend weeks before the killing, wants to say his final goodbye to his son.

“My brother just wants to say goodbye to his son and put him to rest, and this has just been really difficult to figure out,” said Ashlee Marcoux, Gernon’s sister in a phone interview with The Daily Beast.

However, Melina Seagroves, Cash’s biological mother who now has custody of her other son Carter, is not permitting Trevor to attend the funeral services as she has blamed him for the entire situation.

“We’ve never really had a great relationship with the biological mom’s side of the family, and this has not made it any better,” Marcoux said.

“We talked to a funeral home and they said both parents have to give consent for funeral proceedings before they can even take a child into their care,” Marcoux added. “So we want to work with them to just put him to rest, but the family isn’t cooperating with us at all. They’re just sending nasty messages. They blame my brother; they blame my mother for not taking them instead.”

On May 15, an intruder police identified as 18-year-old Darriynn Brown was seen on a baby monitor camera going into Cash and his brother Carter’s bedroom and taking Cash while he was still sleeping. Two hours later, a neighbor found Cash’s body in the middle of a street with a stab wound.

Brown has since been charged with kidnapping and burglary but has not yet been charged with murder as police are still awaiting the results of forensic testing.

Gernon, who still has a warrant out for his arrest, has not been heard from, according to Marcoux. She said that he has not left Texas since the killing, but has no other knowledge of his whereabouts.

Gernon called detectives to try and assist them in their investigation but received no response back from them.

Marcoux conceded that the best thing for Gernon would be to go to jail “to find the help that he needs for sobriety.”

“We’ve just been trying to figure out how to handle this and see if he can just have some sort of agreement in place to attend the funeral,” Marcoux continued. “Or at least be able to see Cash before he goes and turns himself in.”

Though Gernon has a lengthy criminal record for various crimes including drug possession, car theft, check fraud, and even assaulting his father over a bill, Marcoux said that she believes her brother is a good person with “a huge heart.”

“I know him, and if he was an actual s----y person and I didn’t think that he treated [his boys] well, I would not be on the phone with you right now, I wouldn’t have posted that statement, I would have disassociated from him,” Marcoux said. “But I know his heart and I know who he is — he’s a good person, he’s just made some stupid choices.”

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