Cashman: Nova Bus workers take pride in job

Nov. 24—PLATTSBURGH — Every day from my office window on the Banker Road I see Nova Bus buses rolling by. It brings a smile to my face seeing each one wrapped with where it is off to while knowing it is coming from our town and the North Country.

Over the years, I have had numerous occasions to visit the plant just down the road from the town hall for a tour for state or international guests visiting the region or for celebrating the completion of a new contract as the keys are being handed off to customers.

Among the consistent observations I have made is how this talented workforce takes pride in what they are producing. It was never more evident than when the recent historic occasion of their first LFSe+ all-electric bus built right here in Plattsburgh was completed.

A product is only as good as who built it and this Plattsburgh team is simply phenomenal.

Beyond seeing the Nova buses roll past my window, I am witness to their hundreds of employees coming and going each day.

Nova continues to be a large employer in the region, and is well known for producing a premier product and being an innovator in the industry. They continue to lead the North American market, securing contracts both near and far.

With the addition of LFSe+ bus line being built here in Plattsburgh, their products and our community will continue to be at the forefront of the green economy.

We have numerous businesses like Nova Bus that contribute to the Town of Plattsburgh being Globally Significant-Regionally Exceptional.

Collectively our manufacturing industry is thriving and recognized as an economic engine of the North Country.

While writing this, a bus just went by. I can say with no exaggeration, Plattsburgh manufacturing is on the move!


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