Carlos Alcaraz vs Frances Tiafoe LIVE: Latest tennis scores and results from Hurlingham Club

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Preparation for Wimbledon continues at the Hurlingham Club this afternoon as French Open finalist Casper Ruud and the World no. 7 Carlos Alcaraz are in exhibition action at the Giorgio Armani Tennis Classic.

23-year-old Ruud was beaten by Rafael Nadal in straight sets in the French Open becoming the first man from Norway to reach a grand slam final and he will be hoping to go one better on the grass courts of Wimbledon in July. He’ll be facing Belgium’s Zizou Bergs.

Alcaraz will follow Ruud and Berg’s match wit one of his own against Frances Tiafoe before facing Ruud himself in a second exhibition on Saturday. The Spaniard lost in the second round on his Wimbledon debut last year, but has subsequently reached the quarter-finals at US Open and French Open giving the teenager belief that he has the skill to go further in grand slams.

“I have to improve for the next Grand Slam or next matches but I would say I’m not far away from reaching a semi-final or being able to win a Grand Slam… I would say I have the level, I have the confidence to win a Grand Slam or reach the semi-finals next time,” he said after his defeat to Alexander Zverev at Roland Garros.

Follow all the action from today’s Hurlingham Club schedule below:

Ruud vs Goffin live updates

  • Casper Ruud facing Zizou Bergs at Hurlingham Club

  • Carlos Alcaraz on court later this afternoon against Frances Tiafoe

  • Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic warm up for Wimbledon with wins

Carlos Alcaraz beaten at Hurlingham by Frances Tiafoe

17:43 , Michael Jones

Carlos Alcaraz never quite developed any rhythm against Frances Tiafoe and didn’t seem all that comfortable trying to handle the bounce on the grass court.

Of course, today’s match was only an exhibition so the result doesn’t really reflect the skill levels of either player but Frances Tiafoe performed admirably and seemed to play better as the match went on.

He was a deserved winner in the end with five breaks of serve helped by an array of powerful shots mixed in with some well guided slices and even a couple of drop shot winners.

He’ll take confidence into Wimbledon next week but Carlos Alcaraz may need to go back to the drawing board ahead of his match against Casper Ruud on Saturday.

Alcaraz 4-6, 2-6 Tiafoe*

17:38 , Michael Jones

Two match points for Frances Tiafoe as Carlos Alcaraz skews a forehand return wide when trying to go down the line.

Tiafoe only needs one attempt though and finishes in style with an ace!

Alcaraz 4-6, 2-5 Tiafoe*

17:34 , Michael Jones

There are no mistakes this time as Tiafoe takes another break of serve away from Carlos Alcaraz!

The American will be serving for the match.

Alcaraz* 4-6, 2-4 Tiafoe

17:33 , Michael Jones

Tiafoe wastes a break point chance as Alcaraz sends over a couple of spinning slices. The American is too greedy and tries to smash a forehand to the baseline but gets it all wrong and knocks it out of play.


Alcaraz* 4-6, 2-4 Tiafoe

17:31 , Michael Jones

A bit of mental fortitude on display from Frances Tiafoe to save the break point and go on to win the game. Carlos Alcaraz seems to have the backing of the crowd as he looks to get back into this set.

Alcaraz 4-6, 2-3 Tiafoe*

17:28 , Michael Jones

Carlos Alcaraz has only won two of his five break points but he’s positioned himself with a good chance to get another here. He fights up to deuce then moves to advantage with a forehand smash.

Tiafoe pushes him deep with some backhanded cross court shots and Alcaraz responds with a slice. Tiafoe belts a forehand back over to him and Alcaraz flicks it into the net.

Back to deuce.

Alcaraz 4-6, 2-3 Tiafoe*

17:23 , Michael Jones

Tiafoe makes Alcaraz work for it by returning shots that shouldn’t seem possible. The American is sprinting all over the court but Alcaraz has control and wins the game conceding just one point.

Another big service game coming up for Frances Tiafoe.

Alcaraz* 4-6, 1-3 Tiafoe

17:19 , Michael Jones

A confident service game from Frances Tiafoe who is starting to cause a bit of trouble with the second serve too. Alcaraz attempts to stroke a backhand down the line but overdoes it and gives Tiafoe the game.

Alcaraz 4-6, 1-2 Tiafoe*

17:16 , Michael Jones

Very good response from Carlos Alcaraz. He was under pressure on his own serve but wins his game to love with a fine rally from the front of the court.

Alcaraz* 4-6, 0-2 Tiafoe

17:14 , Michael Jones

Break and hold. That’s how you win tennis matches and Frances Tiafoe has taken a big step closer to winning this one. If he holds his serve for the rest of the set he’ll win the match.

Alcaraz 4-6, 0-1 Tiafoe*

17:12 , Michael Jones

That’s three breaks of serve in a row for Frances Tiafoe now. Carlos Alcaraz is making too many mistakes and all Tiafoe needs to do is keep the ball in play and be more patient than his Spanish opponent.

Alcaraz* 4-6, 0-0 Tiafoe

17:09 , Michael Jones

Alcaraz begins the second set and after conceding two back-to-back breaks of serve starts well by winning a backhand rally.


Alcaraz 4-6 Tiafoe*

17:07 , Michael Jones

Tiafoe wins the first set! He almost squanders a 40-0 lead by conceding two points through errors but a decent serve and drop shot return gets him over the line.

Alcaraz 4-5 Tiafoe*

17:05 , Michael Jones

Tiafoe cleans out a ball boy as he sprints to the net and flicks a drop shot return over to Alcaraz’s side of court. The Spaniard is left scrambline but gets to the ball and hooks it out of play!

Tiafoe follows up with an ace. 30-0. This is good from the American.

Alcaraz 4-5 Tiafoe*

17:04 , Michael Jones

Well, well, well. Just like buses you if you wait long enough for a break of serve three come along at once. Frances Tiafoe will have the chance to serve out the set.

Can he offer up a better service game than previously?

Alcaraz* 4-4 Tiafoe

17:00 , Michael Jones

And just like that the game is level! It wasn’t a good service game from Frances Tiafoe who too regularly failed to land his first serve and was put on the back foot through Alcaraz’s returns.

A failed smash into the base of the net summed it up for the American who gives his break straight back.

Alcaraz 3-4 Tiafoe*

16:57 , Michael Jones

It’s a good start for Tiafoe whoc meets Alcaraz’s return and whacks it back at the Spaniard wrongfooting him and forcing him to miss the ball.

Alcaraz wins the next two points though and the nerves are beginning to creep in on Tiafoe who is repeatedly failing to land his first serve.

Alcaraz 3-4 Tiafoe*

16:55 , Michael Jones

He breaks! Alcaraz wins the next point but misdirects a shot from the net and knocks it out of play to give Frances Tiafoe the lead for the first time in the set.

Can the American hold serve?

Alcaraz* 3-3 Tiafoe

16:53 , Michael Jones

Now then. Frances Tiafoe is gifted the chance to break after a double fault and two errors from Alcaraz who fails to get the ball over the net.

Tiafoe leads 15-40 and will have two chances to claim the game.

Alcaraz 3-3 Tiafoe*

16:51 , Michael Jones

Deuce! Alcaraz has the chance to break Tiafoe but the American plays it smart and pins the Spaniard in the right corner before shifting the ball over to the left.

He then rattles off two quick points and takes the game! All square in the first set.

Alcaraz 3-2 Tiafoe*

16:48 , Michael Jones

Lovely winner from Tiafoe. Alcaraz threatens to step up to the net but the American whips the ball down the line and takes the first point of the next game.

He follows it up with another winner but fails to flick a half-volley backhand over the net. 30-15.

Alcaraz* 3-2 Tiafoe

16:46 , Michael Jones

Nice. Some decent hitting to the baseline from Alcaraz draws the error from Tiafoe who looks to loft the ball over the net and get it to bounce on with top spin only to put the effort out of play.

The Spaniard takes the game and regains the lead in the first set.

Alcaraz* 2-2 Tiafoe

16:44 , Michael Jones

There’s another problem with the net as it seems to have come loose. Carlos Alcaraz is having to defend his own serve. He’s currently 15-30 behind with Tiafoe looking increasingly more confident.

Alcaraz 2-2 Tiafoe*

16:39 , Michael Jones

That’s better from Frances Tiafoe. Heavy serves into the turf to force Alcaraz into hitting them about shoulder height. He sprints into a 40-0 lead before closing out the game with a backhanded winner down the line.

Alcaraz* 2-1 Tiafoe

16:37 , Michael Jones

After that lenghty game on Frances Tiafoe’s serve, Carlos Alcaraz decides to end things early and concedes just one point off his own service game to move back in front.

There’s a brief pause in proceedings and the players switch sides. Can Tiafoe hold serve once again?

Alcaraz 1-1 Tiafoe*

16:34 , Michael Jones

This game feels crucial. Both men have had their chances to see it out but neither has been able to take it. They’re on to the fourth or fifth deuce.

Tiafoe squeezes in front and plays a nice drop shot that somehow Alcaraz gets to. He tries to goe down the line but the American is waiting and pushes it back over the net to win the game!

Alcaraz 1-0 Tiafoe*

16:28 , Michael Jones

Deuce! It’s a good fight back from Alcaraz to put some pressure on Tiafoe’s serve. The American keeps the ball in play after a second serve and challenges Alcaraz with a backhand slice. The Spaniard’s eyes light up as it bounces kindly for a forehand smash but he hooks it out of play.

Advantage Tiafoe.

Alcaraz 1-0 Tiafoe*

16:26 , Michael Jones

Alcaraz meets Tiafoe’s first serve with a simple shot back into the middle of court and the American forces him to the opposite side of the baseline before guiding a volley return into the open space on court.

He follows it up with an ace and takes a 30-0 lead in his first service game.

Alcaraz 1-0 Tiafoe*

16:24 , Michael Jones

Alcaraz takes the first game with two more accurate serves. What can Tiafoe respond with?

Alcaraz* 0-0 Tiafoe

16:23 , Michael Jones

Two well directed serves straight up from Carlos Alcaraz give France Tiafoe no chance to even return the ball. the third serve is closer to the American who belts it back and collects his first point in the game.


Alcaraz vs Tiafoe

16:20 , Michael Jones

Carlos Alcaraz will serve first as Frances Tiafoe electing to receive the ball after winning the toss. Both men go through a few warm up serves as their profiles are read out by an announcer on court.

Alcaraz vs Tiafoe

16:16 , Michael Jones

For the longest time Carlos Alcaraz was named in the schedule without an opponent but he’s stepped onto court alongside Frances Tiafoe in what should be another decent match.

Alcaraz should be the favourite to win but Zizou Bergs just shocked Casper Ruud. Can American Frances Tiafoe do the same?

Zizou Bergs defeats Casper Ruud in Hurlingham exhibition

16:06 , Michael Jones

What a game match from Zizou Bergs!

He must have been a late addition to the schedule as Casper Ruud was down to face David Goffin this afternoon but the 23-year-old turned up and earned a straight sets victory over the French Open finalist!

Ruud didn’t seem too disheartend after the match telling the crowd: “It was fun to be out there and it was a new experience for me. It was good practice as I typically don’t get to play on grass courts that often.”

Ruud 4-6, 4-6 Bergs*

16:03 , Michael Jones

Game, set and match to Zizou Bergs!

Ruud 4-6, 4-5 Bergs*

16:03 , Michael Jones

A drop shot winner from Ruud earns him a rare break point but the response is great from Bergs. A powerful serve and an even heavier return sees Ruud softly knock the ball into the net to bring the game back to deuce.

Bergs then wins the next point with a smash! Can he win the game now...?

Ruud 4-6, 4-5 Bergs*

16:01 , Michael Jones

Another ace from Bergs sets him up with another match point but his eagerness in the next rally gets the better of him and he hooks a wild forehand out of play.


Ruud 4-6, 4-5 Bergs*

16:00 , Michael Jones

Zizou Bergs may just be feeling a bit nervous. He’s starting to miss his first serve and has made some simple errors in this game to give Casper Ruud a 15-30 lead.

Ruud does the sensible thing and tries to keep the ball in play but Bergs returns come with more force each time. Ruud attempts to take the pace off the ball with a slice but hits it into the net.

Ruud 4-6, 4-5 Bergs*

15:56 , Michael Jones

Game Ruud! Three banging serves from the Norwegian sees him rescue two match points and go on to win the game when Bergs belts a return of serve over the back of the baseline.

Bergs will have another chance to win the match though and he’ll be serving to see it out.

Ruud* 4-6, 3-5 Bergs

15:54 , Michael Jones

Two match points for Zizou Bergs! There are calls of ‘come on Casper’ from the crowd to try and encourage the French Open finalist and he responds by forcing Bergs to knock the ball out of play.

30-40. Another match point to save.

Ruud* 4-6, 3-5 Bergs

15:51 , Michael Jones

This is an unusual rally with Ruud focusing on backhand slices to challenge Bergs with spin. The Belgian is up to the task and repeatedly forces Ruud wider and wider before the Norwegian knocks one too long.

Ruud 4-6, 3-4 Bergs*

15:49 , Michael Jones

Finally a break point for Ruud but he gets sucked into a long rally with Bergs in control. Ruud shows his stamina by keeping the ball in play but he eventually fails to get enough lift on a scrambling backhand and hits the net.


Ruud 4-6, 3-4 Bergs*

15:48 , Michael Jones

What a rally! Bergs pushes Ruud behind the baseline and tries to win the point with a smash that the Norwegian lobs back over his head. It bounces in play and Bergs hooks it over to the right side of court before meeting Ruud’s return with and forehand through his own legs to win the point!

The crowd appreciated that cheekiness. 30-30.

Ruud 4-6, 3-4 Bergs*

15:46 , Michael Jones

Ruud takes advantage of a fault from Bergs and steps into court to smash a backhand return back at the Belgian who dinks it softly into the net.

Bergs follows up with an ace though to keep Ruud on his toes. 15-15.

Ruud* 4-6, 3-4 Bergs

15:44 , Michael Jones

There has still only been one break point in the second set and Bergs took it. Ruud gives up a couple of points off his own serve but is confident enough to persist with targeted attacks and eventually wins the game.

He’s hanging on in this match.

Ruud* 4-6, 2-4 Bergs

15:41 , Michael Jones

The pressure is all on Ruud now, if there is such a thing as pressure in an exhibition game. Bergs fizzes down another ace and closes out the game.

Ruud has to hold serve or else he’ll be staring down the barrel.

Ruud 4-6, 2-3 Bergs*

15:40 , Michael Jones

Great entertainment! Bergs quickly moves 30-0 ahead in his service game but Ruud doesn’t give up. Both players work their way up to the net and try to outdo one another with tightly worked angles.

Bergs manages to flick one back over on the turnbut Ruud is positioned well and volleys it into space to get a point on the board 30-15.

Ruud 4-6, 2-3 Bergs*

15:37 , Michael Jones

He only needs one! The game goes to Bergs who has the set and the match in his hands now. Can he capitalise?

Ruud* 4-6, 2-2 Bergs

15:36 , Michael Jones

Oh he might do. Ruud makes a couple of mistakes and couple with some expertly guided shots right on the line from Bergs the Belgian moves 15-40 in front and has two break points.

Ruud 4-6, 2-2 Bergs*

15:35 , Michael Jones

Neatly done from Bergs who draws level in the set. It was at this point in the first set that the Belgian broke Casper Ruud will he do so again?

Ruud 4-6, 2-1 Bergs*

15:32 , Michael Jones

Zizou Bergs is back at it with his powerful first serves. Ruud seems more able to get them back in play but is impatient and tries to play winning shots early in the rally.

It’s just an exhibition match but he won’t be happy with the way he’s playing against the serve. 40-15.

Ruud* 4-6, 2-1 Bergs

15:29 , Michael Jones

That’s nice from Ruud who pushes up to the net and works his opponent from one side of the court to the other and forces a mistake from Berg who sends a backhand into the net.

Ruud then serves out the game to move back in front.

Ruud 4-6, 1-1 Bergs*

15:26 , Michael Jones

One game apiece in the second set with neither player looking likely to give up a break. Bergs wins his match by sprinting up to a drop shot and rolling a passing winner behind Ruud who tried to command the middle of the court.

Ruud* 4-6, 1-0 Bergs

15:22 , Michael Jones

Strong and accurate from Casper Ruud who begins the second set with a win and a hold of serve despite giving up two points. Zizou Bergs hasn’t looked like being broken at all yet, can Ruud take the attack to the Belgian’s serve?

Ruud* 4-6, 0-0 Bergs

15:20 , Michael Jones

It’s going to be a testing day out for Casper Ruud if he wants to win this match now. He’s going to have to do it the hard way by taking the match to three sets.

Zizou Bergs was the only man to earn a break point in the first set and he only got the one. Thankfully for him he converted and expertly held serve.

Ruud 4-6 Bergs*

15:18 , Michael Jones

A couple of errors from Bergs give Ruud the advantage in the game and moe him to 15-30 in front. There would perhaps be pressure on the youngster but it doesn’t seem to affect him and in no time at all he’s serving for the set.

A powerful shot to Ruud’s backhand doesn’t come back and Bergs takes the game!

Ruud 4-5 Bergs*

15:14 , Michael Jones

Can Zizou Bergs win the first set? He’ll be serving to do just that after Casper Ruud won the last game.

Ruud knocks his return into the centre of the court but Bergs fails to deal with it and finds the net. 0-15.

Ruud* 3-5 Bergs

15:13 , Michael Jones

Ruud is definitely better when he’s on the front foot and controlling the rally. Most of the times he’s forced Bergs behind the baseline he’s won the points but every now and then the 23-year-old Belgian will pull off a blinding shot to stay in the game.

He does so now pushing a forehand to the opposite side of court and getting the angle and spin just right to take the ball awy from Ruud after the bounce! 40-30.

Ruud* 3-5 Bergs

15:10 , Michael Jones

Boom. From 30 all, and with a bit of pressure on the Belgian, he sees out the game with style and is just one away from claiming the first set.

Ruud 3-4 Bergs*

15:08 , Michael Jones

Zizou Bergs is an exciting prospect. Flowing blonde locks sticking out from underneath a backwards cap. His serves are sharp, bouncy and accurate.

He’s giving Casper Ruud a game today and will be playing at Wimbledon next week.

Ruud is doing what he must though. He’s responding to the serve well and has levelled the game at 30-30.

Ruud 3-4 Bergs*

15:05 , Michael Jones

Good resilience from Ruud to see out the game after a few distractions and miscued strokes. He’s still in the set but needs to break Bergs at some point.

Ruud* 2-4 Bergs

15:04 , Michael Jones

Deuce! Casper Ruud lets a 40-15 lead slip on his own serve with a couple of wild strokes that go over the back of the court. He’s not happy with the net and asks the umpire to check it out.

When play resumes Ruud serves to Bergs’ backhand but he gets it back before running around the next ball and twisting forehand just out of play as he attempted a winner past Ruud’s right side.

Ruud 2-4 Bergs*

14:59 , Michael Jones

There’s a bit of fight from Ruud who attempts to engage Bergs in a lenghty rally but the Belgian comes out on top with a neat forehand winner and takes the game!

Ruud 2-3 Bergs*

14:57 , Michael Jones

Can Zizou Bergs hold his serve and complete his break?

He fizzes a first serve down the central line and Ruud stretches to reach the ball. He gets there but can’t generate any power to return the ball 15-0.

And now Bergs sends down another ace! 30-0.

Ruud 2-3 Bergs*

14:55 , Michael Jones

He gets the break! Work to do now for Casper Ruud.

Ruud* 2-2 Bergs

14:55 , Michael Jones

Very nice from Zizou Bergs who whips his wrists over a cross court backhand that Ruud can only punch back into the net. The Belgian wins the next point as well and sets up the first break point of the match.

Ruud 2-2 Bergs*

14:52 , Michael Jones

Bergs’ serve is pretty impressive. When he lands the first serve he’s getting it to kick up off the turf making it awkward to return for Ruud.

He’s won both his service games to love now. This will be an interesting encounter.

Ruud* 2-1 Bergs

14:49 , Michael Jones

Ruud’s early successes have come from targetting the corners on the baseline. Those shots get Bergs running around the court and more often than not have drawn loose shots from the 23-year-old.

The Norwegian moves back into the lead with a decent serve to Bergs’ backhand that he fails to return.

Ruud 1-1 Bergs*

14:47 , Michael Jones

Oh what a statement from Zizou Bergs. An ace first up against Ruud before closing out his first service game to love. A very confident start from the Belgian.

Ruud 1-0 Bergs*

14:45 , Michael Jones

A forehand winner from Ruud is enough for him to hold serve and take the first game but Bergs showed enough promise in the opening game to make a match of it out there today.

Ruud* 0-0 Bergs

14:44 , Michael Jones

Casper Ruud gets the match started and sweeps to a quickfire 40-15 lead. Bergs responds to a second serve from the Norwegian with a backhand to the middle of court and Ruud smokes it into the net.


Ruud vs Bergs

14:37 , Michael Jones

The player are out on court and the live stream is just about to start but there has been a change in the schedule as Zizou Bergs has replaced David Goffin as Capser Ruud’s challenger.

Ruud vs Goffin

14:29 , Michael Jones

Coverage is scheduled to start at 2:30pm but as this is an exhibition match the start time can be a little loose. Rafael Nadal’s match versus Stan Wawrinka kicked off closer to twenty to three yesterday so expect a similar start time today.

Harriet Dart reveals secret behind hat-trick of wins at Eastbourne

14:25 , Michael Jones

Harriet Dart served up a hat-trick of wins at the Rothesay International Eastbourne on Wednesday and revealed a spaghetti marinara was the secret to her success.

The world number 103 started the day by finishing off her second-round match with 10th seed Jil Teichmann and clinched a tight decider on Court Four to triumph 7-6 (7) 4-6 6-3.

After a tiny amount of rest, the home favourite was back in action and on Court Two where she got the better of Ukraine’s Marta Kostyuk 6-4 2-6 6-4.

It made her the first British player to make the last eight of the Devonshire Park event in five years and she concluded a busy day by teaming up with Heather Watson, who made the semi-finals in the singles here back in 2017, to defeat American duo Desirae Krawczyk and Shelby Rogers 7-5 6-4.

Harriet Dart reveals secret behind hat-trick of wins at Eastbourne

Rafael Nadal says Hurlingham Club exhibition matches are ‘perfect’ preparation for Wimbledon

14:20 , Michael Jones

Rafael Nadal played his first grasscourt match in three years on Wednesday and the Spaniard says a couple of exhibition games at the Hurlingham Club is the perfect preparation for Wimbledon, where he will bid for a third straight grand slam this season.

Nadal won the Australian and French Opens back-to-back for the first time and a win at Wimbledon, where the main draw kicks off on Monday, will take him a step closer to becoming the first man to win all four majors in the same year since Rod Laver in 1969.

The Spaniard, who had not played a competitive match on grass since his 2019 semi-final loss at Wimbledon to Roger Federer, beat Stan Wawrinka 6-2 6-3 on Wednesday and said it was good to get the feel of the surface again.

Rafael Nadal says exhibition matches are ‘perfect’ preparation for Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios tipped for Wimbledon breakthrough: ‘He has belief’

14:15 , Michael Jones

Nick Kyrgios could finally be ready to deliver on the promise he has flashed throughout his turbulent career when he brings his powerful game to the grass courts of Wimbledon next week, tennis great Chris Evert said.

While the hugely talented Australian often bamboozles opponents with an array of incredible shots, his antics on the court and run-ins with umpires have often dominated the headlines and he has yet to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Evert, who last month finished chemotherapy for stage one ovarian cancer, said she has been impressed by what she has seen from the 27-year-old.

Nick Kyrgios tipped for Wimbledon breakthrough: ‘He has belief’

Inspiring Alcaraz ready for Wimbledon

14:10 , Michael Jones

Carlos Alcaraz has arguably been the standout player on the ATP Tour this year winning titles in Rio, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid as well as reaching the quarter-finals of the French Open.

Triumphing at Wimbledon this year could be a tall order especially with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal the top two seeds, but Alex Corretja says Alcaraz has the tools to threaten.

“Carlos Alcaraz is very inspiring, he just goes with the flow. He works hard.” said the grand slam runner-up. "I think it was good for him to stop after Roland-Garros, losing in the quarter-finals against Zverev – such a tough match – and then he took time off.

“He won Miami, he won Barcelona, he won Madrid, and all of a sudden you are at Roland-Garros like, okay, now you have to win as well.

“But no, he lost in the quarter-finals, and I believe for him it’s a learning process. On grass, he can do very well, there’s no reason why not because you need to move well, and he does.

“You need to be aggressive. He is aggressive. You need to have a shot where you can hurt the opponent. He’s got a great forehand. Nice backhand. He’s improving his serve, he’s returning well.

“So we will see how he adjusts because he didn’t have that many matches on grass and sometimes this is not easy, but he’s doing a calendar like the big champions, reserving himself for the important moments and taking time off just to be ready for the majors.”

Tatjana Maria and Serena Williams – Mums out to make their mark at Wimbledon

14:05 , Michael Jones

Serena Williams’ shock Wimbledon comeback means there will be at least two mums in the women’s singles at SW19 this year – and Tatjana Maria is eager to keep showing parenthood does not have to spell the end of your tennis career.

The 34-year-old German is set to step on court at the All England Club for the first time since giving birth to her second child Cecilia last April.

It meant Maria missed her favourite major of the year in 2021 but she returns this time knowing the omens are good. Her best run at Wimbledon occurred seven years ago when she made the third round in her first appearance at SW19 as a mother following Charlotte’s birth at the end of 2013.

Tatjana Maria and Serena Williams – Mums out to make their mark at Wimbledon

Serena Williams withdraws from Eastbourne due to injury to doubles partner Ons Jabeur

14:00 , Michael Jones

Serena Williams has been forced to withdraw from the Rothesay International at Eastbourne due to an injury to her doubles partner Ons Jabeur.

Williams had been playing in her first tournament in 12 months but will now focus on her Wimbledon preparations after receiving a wildcard for the singles draw.

Williams and Jabeur, the world No 3 in singles, made it two wins out of two on Wednesday with a straight sets victory over Shuko Aoyama and Chan Hao-ching and had reached the semi-finals.

But the pair, dubbed ‘Onserena’ after forging an entertaining partnership, will not feature again this week after Jabeur suffered a knee injury during their second-round win.

Serena Williams withdraws from Eastbourne due to injury to doubles partner Ons Jabeur

Serena Williams doubted she would ever play tennis again ahead of Wimbledon return

13:55 , Michael Jones

Serena Williams returned to tennis after a year away with a doubles win at the Eastbourne International on Tuesday and while the American great reaffirmed her love for the game she said her future on the circuit remains uncertain.

The 23-times major champion had not played competitive tennis since limping out of her first-round match at last year’s Wimbledon in tears due to a leg injury, and the 40-year-old said there were times when she doubted she would ever compete again.

However, Williams, who has won seven Wimbledon singles titles, took a wildcard for the grasscourt major and kicked off her preparations with a doubles win with Tunisian Ons Jabeur.

Serena Williams doubted she would ever play tennis again

When is Wimbledon and when is the draw?

13:50 , Michael Jones

Wimbledon is right around the corner with the seedings now set for the iconic grass-court event at the All England Club ahead of a tournament that will be like no other this year.

Ranking points have been stripped from the Championships after the All England Club took the decision to ban players from Russia and Belarus as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

There are plenty of storylines elsewhere, with Emma Raducanu set to return to SW19 for the first time since winning the US Open last September. However, the 19-year-old remains an injury doubt, as does Andy Murray as the two-time Wimbledon champion prepares for another crack at a grand slam.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the tournament:

When is Wimbledon and when is the draw?

Today at Hurlingham

13:45 , Michael Jones

Today’s tennis action sees two up-and-comers Casper Ruud and Carlos Alcaraz continue their preparations for the next major at Wimbledon.

Ruud is on court first and will face Belgium’s David Goffin with coverage starting around 2:30pm before Carlos Alcaraz reportedly takes on Frances Tiafoe.

Yesterday at Hurlingham

13:40 , Michael Jones

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic got their preparations for Wimbledon underway with exhibition matches in the Giorgio Armani Tennis Classic at Hurlingham Club in London.

In the bright sunshine on a June afternoon Nadal and Stan Wawrinka came face-to-face in a clash that threatend at times to hit second gear. There were some moments of delight for the excited crowd but with Nadal playing on court for the first time since 2019 and Wawrinka still easing his way back into tennis follow surgery on his left foot the proceedings weren’t overly thrilling. That type of tennis will come later this month and in July when Wimbledon rolls around but today’s matches were the fun warm-ups.

Felix Auger-Aliassme tried to enjoy himself. He gave a good showing in the first set against Novak Djokovic and was perhaps a touch unfortunate that the key moments of the match went the way of the Serb. Or is that down to Djokovic’s experience and desire to win? Probably a bit of both but regardless when the Serbian stepped up the tempo in the second set he was a class above his opponent.

What did we learn? Neither match showed any new revelations from Nadal or Djokovic but they did prove that both men are in good shape. Nadal seems to have overcome the muscle problems with his foot and Djokovic seems to be relishing the opportunity to play on grass again.

A meeting between the two seems destined for Wimbledon. Nadal came out victorious on clay but who will triumph next time? That remains to be seen.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic warm up for Wimbledon with wins at Hurlingham Club

13:30 , Michael Jones

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic both kickstarted their Wimbledon preparations with easy exhibition wins at the Giorgio Armani Tennis Classic.

Nadal showed no ill-effects after nerve treatment on the chronic foot problem that troubled him during his French Open triumph earlier this month as he beat Stan Wawrinka 6-2 6-3 at the Hurlingham Club in London.

Djokovic, in his first match since losing to Nadal in the quarter-finals at Roland Garros, won 6-2 6-1 against Canada’s Felix Auger-Aliassime.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic warm up for Wimbledon with wins at Hurlingham Club