Castro Valley Vaccine: Register For Alameda County Notification

Bea Karnes

CASTRO VALLEY, CA — It's the question on everyone's mind: when will I get a coronavirus vaccine? The inoculation has been touted as the key to halting the spread of COVID-19, but the rollout of the vaccine program in California has been infuriatingly slow, with less than one-third of available vaccines in use, according to the latest statistics available.

An "Alameda County Resident Vaccine Notification Form" is now available online for you to fill out. According to the form, "We will notify you when a vaccine is available and send you information with details on location and timing." A link to the form is below.

The form asks for details such as your name, age, underlying health conditions, and more. Only the fields with a red asterisk are required. You do not need to give your Race/Ethnicity, and questions about the vaccine, and emergency alerts.

Here in Castro Valley, there have been 1,808 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began.

Across Alameda County, there have been 62,046 cases and 763 deaths.

Fill out the online Alameda County Resident Vaccine Notification Form.

This article originally appeared on the Castro Valley Patch