Cat fighting for life after being shot by arrow in St. Pete, suspect sought

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Deputies are searching for the suspect accused of shooting a cat with an arrow in St. Petersburg last week.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the cat was shot near 72nd Avenue North and 33rd Street North in unincorporated St. Petersburg.

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Members of the private organization, Cat Trap Fever Inc., trapped the cat on Jan. 31 after getting a tip from a Good Samaritan, who noticed the cat had an arrow protruding from its back.

“It was about 130 feet of PVC that we glued together on site and encouraged the cat out the other side and into our trap,” said Jessica Kelly with Cat Trap Fever.

The organization took the cat to a local vet, where it underwent surgery to remove the arrow. PCSO said the initial surgery was a success; however, the cat had to undergo additional procedures, including getting a feeding tube. The animal is listed in serious condition.

“He’s very lethargic, he’s barely moving around. He is at great risk of infection because he’s got multiple puncture wounds, you know, where the physical arrow ripped through everything,” said Kelly.

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After the incident, detectives canvassed the neighborhood and spoke with neighbors, who said the cat frequents the area and is “super friendly.”

Since the incident, the rescue has nicknamed the approximately 3-year-old gray cat, “Poor Arrow Kitty.”

“We had a lot of name suggestions for Cupid and Robin Hood, and you know, different archers, and I don’t want to give credit to the shooter. He is so much more than the arrow, and what he’s been through is awesome, so ‘Poor Arrow Kitty’ has just kind of taken over,” said Kelly.

Kelly said the rescue is focused on his recovery. If his condition improves in the next few weeks, he’ll be put up for adoption.

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“He is super duper friendly, so upon his recovery, you know through the the miracle of veterinary medicine, he’s going to pull through this and he will be available for adoption versus remaining a stray cat,” said Kelly.

If you would like to help Cat Trap Fever, click here.

Anyone with any information on this case or similar cases is asked to contact Detective McKee at 727-582-5827. Those who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers by calling **TIPS.

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