Watch this cat unlock the iPhone 5s' fingerprint sensor with its paw

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor

If you've been reading about the fingerprint sensor on Apple's new iPhone, you probably wondered: Can my cat create a Touch ID fingerprint profile to unlock my new phone?

The answer looks to be an astounding yes!

In a video posted to TechCrunch Thursday morning, writer Darrell Etherington uses his cat’s paw to unlock the iPhone 5s. He reported that, “While it encountered more frequent failures than did a fingerprint, [the cat’s paw] was able to unlock the phone again repeatedly when positioned correctly on the sensor.”

Etherington asserted that it's possible to use a cat's paw with Touch ID because, unlike most other animals, felines' paws do have a unique "print," similar to human fingers.

You can save up to five Touch ID profiles in the iPhone 5s, so naturally Etherington also felt obliged to experiment with the heel of his palm and the inside of his wrist. Touch ID properly recorded both prints, but had less consistent success recognizing and unlocking the phone.

You can expect a plethora of YouTube videos featuring users unlocking their new iPhone 5s smartphones with weird parts of their bodies in the coming day. Apple will launch the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in the United States this Friday.