Catching up with Tanning Mom, who was rushed to the hospital this weekend

You may remember Patricia Krentcil, known to the world as Tanning Mom after she was accused in 2012 incident of bringing her then six-year-old daughter, Anna, to tan at a tanning salon. A school nurse asked Anna about her sunburn, and Anna allegedly said she had gone “tanning with mommy.”

Charges were brought, and later dropped, but time hasn’t been particularly kind to Krentcil, 44, since the incident.

Over the weekend, the leathery New Jersey mother suffered a seizure and was rushed to a hospital, reports TMZ. The seizure occurred at The Lukens Institute in the Palm Beach, Fla. area. Krentcil is currently in alcohol rehab there.

Before checking into rehab, Krentcil had resorted to a number of endeavors, possibly in an effort to pay the legal bills she has racked up defending herself, and possibly for other reasons.

She posed topless at the Jersey Shore, according to the Hunterdon County Democrat.

Krentcil also ended up in a detox facility at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Problems arose when she left the airport to smoke a cigarette, and then tried to go back in.

New Jersey radio station WKXW-FM notes that Krentcil has also attempted live comedy and appeared in a (clothed) cameo in an episode of a gay porn drama called Kings Of New York. She plays the owner of a tanning salon.

According to the New York Daily News, Krentcil also teamed with self-proclaimed skin-care expert Dana Ramos to create a series of videos (e.g., “Tanning Mom Gets a Peel Treatment”) and promote Ramos’s book, “The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin.”

There was also the requisite rap song titled, appropriately, “It’s Tan Mom!” Popdust provides the lyrics. Here’s a sample:

It’s Tan Mom…BITCH.

(Are you ready)

It’s Patricia…BITCH

(And here I come)

I’ve got a message to use protection from the sun…ha ha ha ha!

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Catching up with Tanning Mom, who was rushed to the hospital this weekend

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