Caterpillar, Applied EV unveil line of autonomous utility vehicles

Yahoo Finance’s Allie Garfinkle joins the Live show to discuss Caterpillar’s 100-ton mining truck, as well as the expectations for 2023's CES tech conference.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Our coverage of CES 2023 continues. Allie Garfinkle live on the ground in Las Vegas. And Allie, a massive Caterpillar truck there behind you.

ALLIE GARFINKLE: Yeah, Seana. So here's the thing. Autonomous vehicles are something we talk about a lot. And they're big here at this year's CES. But the places that these trucks, that these vehicles are mostly being used, are industrial and commercial applications. This truck behind me, Dave, earlier you said that a semi sounded intimidating. This truck behind me is 100 tons. It is the triple seven mining truck from Caterpillar.

Now 100 tons sounds like a lot to you and me. But to them, it's actually pretty small. Despite the fact they had to take this one apart, the big ones are about 400 tons. So chew on that for a second. Right? The thing that we were talking about is we were like, it's kind of like the sand crawler in "Star Wars" and we're like all like little jawas next to it.

The other thing about it too is this truck is used for mining. And there are actually other mining truck applications too. Like for instance, we talked to a company called Applied EV. And what they do is they actually have a range of autonomous industrial vehicles that can do things that range from mining, for example, to grocery delivery. There actually-- and lest you think that is completely futuristic, some of those grocery delivery trucks are actually already on the road in Melbourne, Australia.

So there's-- I would say bottom line here, autonomous vehicles are happening at CES in a big way. These industrial applications seem to be the most practical ones. And I kind of love it, especially this thing. And I also completely fear it.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, just the size of you compared to that massive truck in the background. I never thought of Caterpillar as a high-tech company. But it looks like I'm wrong. Allie Garfinkle, we look forward to hearing all the latest from CES over the coming days. Thanks so much.