Minnesota college investigating reported sex competition on all-male campus

Minnesota college investigating reported sex competition on all-male campus
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A Catholic college is investigating allegations of male students engaging in a sex competition.

Officials at the all-male Catholic St. John's University in Minnesota are investigating claims of students competing over who can have the most sexual interactions with female students at its partner college, the College of St. Benedict, a report that inspired local protests from both universities and expressed concerns from parents.

"We will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form," Katie Alvino, a spokeswoman for the two colleges, told the Star Tribune Thursday. "We are utilizing trained, impartial, third-party investigators to determine the responsible parties. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all members of the community respect the rights and human dignity of all."


The Institute for Women's Leadership at St. Benedict's organized an outdoor demonstration and sit-in on Thursday in response to the "overall culture and toxic masculinity over at St. John’s University."

"All St.Ben's Students are encouraged to walkout of their classes and participate in the sit-in to demand action for the recent events that have taken place in Patrick Hall at SJU. ... Stand with us against sexual conduct, your voice matters!" the group wrote.

Alvino said college administrators learned of the allegations in late September and have been "actively investigating" since. However, the story did not go public until the campuses' shared newspaper reported the allegations Tuesday.

St. John's administrators have not identified which students were behind the competition, and the details remain unknown. But some students approached the school newspaper anonymously, claiming students ran the competition through a group chat and that the game assigned point values to several factors.


Campus leaders plan to hold a mandatory floor meeting for all residents in the next few weeks to discuss the issues at hand, a meeting that Jeff Glover, the assistant director for student support at St. John's, said he hopes will encourage students to come forward with additional details about the alleged competition.

Representatives from St. John's and St. Benedict's did not immediately return requests for comment.

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