Cat's Over-the-Top Reaction to Seeing His Best Friend After Weeks Apart Is Everything

The video has over 4 million views.

The latest viral video has quickly walked its way into our hearts and we seriously can't get enough. The video from TikTok user @cat.mando has over 4.7 million views and 819.7K likes in less than 24 hours. And you'll see why!  

This cat named Mando has a best friend who he hasn't seen in several weeks. And oh boy, do we know how sad and difficult that is. Both cat owners finally took their cats out on a walk to meet up, although the cats didn't know. Mando's reaction when he realizes is too sweet for words! 

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Stop it! This is seriously one of the cutest videos we've ever seen. You don't see cats missing other cats too often. That's why this clip is so special. True love is bursting out of the camera! 

@ellixflowers said, "You guys have to move in together now 😭😩." It's true! We don't make the rules. And there's no way Mando and Mookie can be separated again. We won't allow it! Ok, ok, so maybe moving in together is extreme. LOL! Let's hope they do what @Very_Low_Key suggested. The comment reads, "You should plan more dates if time lets you 😻." That would be perfect! 

"That’s the most precious thing I’ve seen all day 😭," added @naomi332. Heck, that's the most precious thing we've seen all week! "Not starting rumors but they're def in love," commented @makeupabuser. Ha! We wouldn't call that a rumor because we have the proof right here! We can't wait to see more of this perfect, dynamic duo! 

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