Cats Get Rude Awakening From 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake in New Taipei City

A home security camera captured the reaction of some of the eight cats that live in the apartment of New Taipei City resident Pei-Yu Kuo as a 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan in the early hours of August 8.

Pei-Yu Kuo runs a Facebook page dedicated to the large collection of cats in the apartment, and told Storyful that the quake left them, “frightened, very scared and afraid to yell.” When the quake struck, at approximately 5:28 am local time, Pei-Yu Kuo said “there were two cats in my room at the time. After the earthquake ended, we calmed down.”

After checking on the safety of the other felines in the apartment, Pei-Yu Kuo then checked the monitor, The shaky footage he found soon went viral.

One of the cats in the apartment, 21-year-old Xiaoxi, has evidently become accustomed to such shocks and was unmoved by the quake. “He was sleeping in the room when the earthquake happened,” his owner said. Credit: Pei-Yu Kuo via Storyful