Video released of CATS driver hit by stray bullet in northwest Charlotte

Officials released surveillance video Wednesday of the moment a city bus driver was shot in northwest Charlotte last month.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Watch the video of the shooting below:

The Charlotte Area Transit System driver, Zavier Austin, was struck by a stray bullet on Dec. 22, 2023, on Lasalle Street.

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Investigators said people in two cars were “engaged in a conflict” when a stray bullet went through the bus’ windshield, hitting Austin in the neck. Friends said he is expected to be OK.

“So obviously there may be a long journey ahead from all accounts, but he’s a fighter and he’s pushing and he’s a very positive person,” said Ken Harris, Austin’s attorney.

A witness said the car with the gunman was coming from the opposite direction with a passenger hanging out the window and shooting at the bus.

“These things are happening so the question now becomes, ‘What do we do to protect drivers?’” Harris said.

CATS needs to provide a bulletproof barrier for drivers, Harris said.

However, the transit system took that off the table.

“Now is the time for some innovation and some thought and some adjustment concerning that issue,” Harris said. “I believe the third time that I’ve represented a CATS driver who has been shot from a position outside the bus.”

CATS management said it’s not possible to retrofit busses with bulletproof shields.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department did not have information about suspects in the case.

No further information was released.

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