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Caught On Camera: 2 Wounded In Shooting Outside Brooklyn Restaurant

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There are increasing concerns about the rise in gun violence in New York City after several shootings in the past few days; CBS2's John Dias reports.

Video Transcript

DICK BRENNAN: Increasing concerns about the rise in gun violence in New York City after several shootings in the past few days. Welcome back, I'm Dick Brennan.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: And I'm Kristine Johnson. The latest shooting at a restaurant in Brooklyn was caught on camera.

DICK BRENNAN: Two people were wounded. The gunman's still on the run. CBS2's John Dias has the video.

JOHN DIAS: Exclusive surveillance video shows the moments chaos breaks out in Brownsville, Brooklyn, last night. Innocent bystanders running and ducking for cover as bullets began to fly on Pitkin Avenue. Those bullets leaving holes in the front of Pitkin Seafood, which now serve as powerful reminders of this close call.

- This guy, he's coming from left side and shoot over there.

JOHN DIAS: This man works in the area. He says he and his customers took cover in the back of his store after hearing at least five rounds.

- Ladies screaming over there, across street. I said, "Everybody stay here." The police is coming, everybody go outside.

JOHN DIAS: Police say the two victims, a 53-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man, were standing in line for food when the unknown suspect started shooting from outside the restaurant. The man was hit in the foot, the woman grazed in the arm. Both will be OK.

- That's crazy.

JOHN DIAS: Neighbors believe the shooter was aiming for someone else.

- There's a lot of beef going on over here with a lot of gangs with the Woos and the Chos. New York is just-- Brooklyn, period, is on a different level. Gang stuff is just on a different level.

JOHN DIAS: The NYPD continues to grapple with ongoing gun violence spiking across the board. Compared to last year, this week, shooting incidents are up almost 82% and shooting victims a little over 109%. Yesterday, the mayor and public advocate announced a new pilot program to pair youth at risk for gun violence with mentors to set tangible goals, like getting a GED, with a monetary reward if the kid succeeds.

JUMAANE WILLIAMS: We know it's not enough to just react to violence. We need to advance peace.

JOHN DIAS: And Jumaane Williams saying that this new program will be going off evidence-based models. It is set to launch this July in all five boroughs.

From Brownsville, Brooklyn, John Dias, CBS2 News.