Cause Of Cortland Addison Circle Apartment Fire Unknown

Addison firefighters spent the day putting out hot spots from yesterday’s apartment fire that damaged nearly 120 units.

Video Transcript

- Addison firefighters spent the day putting out hot spots from yesterday's apartment fire that, as we know, has damaged nearly 120 units already. Our Nicole Nielsen has an update from the scene.

NICOLE NIELSON: When residents of the Cortland Addison Circle Apartment Complex left home yesterday morning, they never expected to come back to this.

JESSICA ANGUIANO: Fire alarms were going off. I actually was just getting home, so I drove up. It was around 5 o'clock when everything was happening, so drove up to the building on fire. Looks like I was getting into the fourth unit in.

NICOLE NIELSON: Jessica Anguiano is a resident, but in a different building that luckily saw no damage. But others faced a more frightening reality.

LAURA WADSWORTH: He's a scared little pooch. And I knew that she would be in my closet under all my clothes, so I was just really scared that they wouldn't find her.

NICOLE NIELSON: Seven pets and their owners were reunited. A representative for the town of Addison says they're happy to report there were no injuries to residents or their furry friends.

But they're still lasting damage. Today, the Addison Fire Department spent the morning putting out hot spots.

The American Red Cross DFW tells CBS 11 nearly 120 units were impacted.

KRYSTAL SMITH: We have been working with property management and the fire departments to identify who these people are and help to make sure that we can get them access to immediate needs.

NICOLE NIELSON: So far, the cause is still unknown. First responders are evaluating the structural safety of the complex. Meanwhile, residents are mostly feeling one thing.


NICOLE NIELSON: In Addison, Nicole, Nielsen, "CBS 11 News."

- Well, anyone who would like to assist those impacted can drop off gift cards at the Addison Athletic Club at 3900 Beltway Drive.